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The PP asks Sánchez to “correct” after 19J and the President reminds him that victory “is never final”.

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The secretary general of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, assured this Wednesday that the result of the Andalusian elections confirmed that the “Frankenstein government was a failed and exhausted project” and called on the head of government to practice “self-criticism” and “correction”. In his reply, Pedro Sánchez responded by quoting the writer José Saramago, who said that “a defeat has something positive: it is never final. And a victory has something negative: it is never final”.

This is the government’s first scrutiny session after the Andalusian elections of June 19, in which the PP won a comfortable absolute majority with 58 seats against the electoral defeat of the Socialists, who fell from 33 to 30 seats in the Andalusian parliament.

Gamarra made Sánchez ugly for not responding to the PSOE’s “debacle” three days after the Andalusians, stressing that “he adds defeats, the Spaniards multiply their problems”. After presenting figures on what inflation means for Spaniards, he asked the CEO to “correct it” and asked him what “else has to happen for him to correct it”.

In addition, the leader of the PP reiterated that the polls confirmed that the “Frankenstein government was a failed and exhausted project” and criticized that she thought the government would respond with “more of the same, with ideology above all”, understand, demonstrates the “revival” of the Law of Remembrance, or meeting Ctaaluña at the dialogue table.

In response, Sánchez stated that he recognized Moreno’s victory while the PP failed to recognize his government’s “legitimacy,” while asking the PP for a “constructive, useful, and state-oriented” opposition after its executive branch had to face those 30 months with Pandemic, volcano and war.

“It would be convenient for them to clarify what it means for the PP to rectify because it makes me feel like it’s social backwardness,” he snapped at Gamarra, making it clear his executive branch is continuing to take social action becomes.


Source europapress.es

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