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The PP advocates Ayuso’s resource because the energy saving plan is encroaching on regional powers

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“We are committed to an energy ration card,” announces Pedro Rollán


The deputy secretary for the regional and local coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán, has opposed the appeal of unconstitutionality that the Autonomous Community of Madrid will bring against the decree of the central government on energy saving measures, because he believes that this plan “in the region invades forces”.

At the same time, he accused Justice Minister Pilar Llop of “interfering” with this appeal, assuring that the President of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, would have to make “legal twists” to overturn this energy saving decree.

This is what Rollán said at a press conference at the national headquarters when asked if the PP leadership supports the legal arguments of the Autonomous Community of Madrid for this appeal, and if they agree with these reasons, why?” Genoa also does not lay his allegations before the Constitutional Court.

In this regard, the “people’s” leader has defended the autonomy of the various regional executives to decide whether to finally appeal to the Constitutional Court, although he believes that this decree encroaches on regional powers.

“The communities have the legitimacy to defend their interests within the limits of their statutes and on the basis of their powers. Therefore, we admit that it is the Autonomous Communities that decide whether or not to make this appeal. PP will not do this to protect every regional government,” Rollán decided.


In any case, Rollán has again demanded that the Director General, Pedro Sánchez, immediately withdraw this decree on energy measures, insisting on requesting again the technical reports that have supported this plan, as they have been doing all week.

“We are in favor of an energy ration card,” announced the “People’s” leader, who has accused the government of launching a “smoke screen” in the face of this new controversy surrounding the Energy Measures Decree, not to speak, as he said, the condemnation of the ERE.

Regarding the possible invasion of powers, Rollán believes that it exists in terms of trade because, as he said, “each autonomous community determines the window of opportunity in which it opens”. At the same time, he criticizes the prohibition part of this decree.

Statements that constitute an insult

During his speech, Rollán also reproached the Minister of Justice for the statements he made this Wednesday about the appeal by the Autonomous Community of Madrid against this decree. Specifically, Llop has assured that Ayuso will have to make “legal contortions” to bring down the energy saving plan.

For Rollán, these statements by the Minister of Justice are an “insult” that accuses her of “interfering” in a court decision. “What it shows is that the government does not respect the separation of powers in any way,” said the “People’s” leader.


Source europapress.es

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