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The Power of Love 2: Nathalie Carvajal arrives in Ecuador and faces the “Lazito” of entertainment

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Nathalie Carvajal is already in Ecuador after the end of the recordings of “El Poder del Amor 2”, where Karina Linnett and Julián Torres, both from Panama, were the winners.

“It was a great final, full of controversy, a lot of things, you know, but the people who lasted three months are happy. For me it’s a lot, not having eliminated me the first time like they thought there. -Down, I’m super happy,” were her first words at the airport when approached by celebrity reporters.

After her return from Turkey, Nathalie had the opportunity to face Leonardo Quezada, better known as “Lazito” from the entertainment show “In Contact”. This, because they harshly criticized her for her clothes in the first week of the reality show, they even told her that she was overweight.

“If what you did to me really bothered me, you should have told me in private.” It seemed to me that I was just jumping on the international scene and it affected me a lot to be alone,” the ex-reality girl chided her.

If “Lazito” defended himself by arguing that he was doing his job, she criticized him for weighing more on his profession than on friendship.

Carvajal sparked controversy because he provides that they all broke the rules of international reality television and called some of their companions “prudes”.

“You have to live your life one hundred percent, do what you really want and not be a prudish person because a lot of people have chosen to have a personality,” she said.

Consulting the names of these people, he did not hesitate to name Melissa Porras with whom he played in a fierce fight that almost came to blows.

Melissa is a bit of a prude, because she’s finally shown her true self by caring about people who have money, let’s say.”

Then, without revealing more names, he indicated that there were also “girls who sold like no inside and yes outside”, he said before reiterating that “most broke the rules.”

Source metroecuador.com

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