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The Pope opens the doors in the dungeon of the Vatican

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And yet it moves, the Catholic Church. Anyone who thought that Francis was not really a reformer, too weak as a pope, a light intellectual, so and so can have hope now.

New signs of the times: The modified “Basic Law” for the Vatican, surprisingly published on the ninth anniversary of his pontificate, is the 54-page embodiment of everything that concerns Francis. He shows that he is serious and takes it seriously. With the reform of the Curia, it becomes concrete: the local bishops will have more voice in the future, the laity and, last but not least, the women.

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No more power games and talk, more togetherness and shared responsibility. Women can lead Vatican ministries, lay people too, and local bishops should not wait for a response from Rome, but make decisions on their own responsibility. The Pope prescribes this for them, so to speak. So is. As if the Curia knew better. The Vatican has long been a dungeon for reformist thoughts, democratizing ideas.

What Francisco is serious about can be seen in the order of priority of the reorganization. The propagation of the faith with the help of all who are fit in terms of their way of life and their views and training is the highest priority. And the Pope himself becomes prefect. O: There is a ministry for charity, for attention to those who are in special need of help, the poor, the struggling, the overwhelmed. This is the church.

That the (previously) powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith lags behind, that too: rightly so. Let no one believe that a doctrine must be kept. Selfishness leads astray. As you can see from all the horrible events of the last few years.

if it is late the church falters. So better late than never. However, Francis’ reform presupposes a fundamental change in mentality and time. For this he now needs many comrades in arms. The Curia of Rome has around 2,600 employees. 24 percent are women, but they are half of believers worldwide. Access to all positions and management functions, equality instead of gender discrimination is a matter of survival. And the idea: Jesus treated women as equals.

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