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The police have linked the Albanian gang involved in the millionaire robbery of footballer Verratti with 15 attacks on luxury villas

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They selected homes occupied by celebrities or big businessmen to rob them with disguises and broadcasting equipment


The National Police have linked the gang of Albanian origin who allegedly carried out the millionaire robbery to Italian soccer player Marco Verratti while he was enjoying a few days holiday in Ibiza with another 15 attacks on luxury properties occupied by celebrities or big businessmen. The robbers used disguise to conceal themselves and sophisticated transmission equipment and large-displacement vehicles for escape purposes.

In total, according to the National Police, seven people belonging to a criminal network of Albanian origin have been arrested, who are said to have just committed a robbery at a villa in Ibiza occupied by Verratti and his wife, where they confiscated luxury watches and jewels about three million euros. The other attacks were carried out in the provinces of Alicante, Malaga and Murcia.

The first two arrests were made in Alicante, where the stolen items were intervened in the house hidden in hidden compartments of the vehicle in which they were traveling. Three records were made in the province of Málaga and on the Balearic island of Ibiza, where other stolen items from luxury homes were found.


Investigations began at the end of 2021, when several thefts in luxury villas on the Costa del Sol, Murcia and Ibiza were discovered on days like New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. During the attacks, they came to confiscate €300,000 worth of property from the victims.

The disjointed organization was based in Albania, from where it traveled to our country for the time necessary to carry out the attacks on the selected homes. The agents were able to determine that the organization chose the homes of big businessmen or celebrities to carry out the attacks and that they had documents with the chosen homes in exclusive areas across the country.

According to the police, they were also able to determine that before committing the robberies, they made visits to the villas to determine the security measures of the houses and the conditions of access to the site. During the robberies, which began by scaling the perimeter walls of houses, they used disguise to hide and sophisticated transmission devices to communicate between those involved in the criminal activity.

Investigations revealed that the vehicles used were rental vehicles, selected for their performance, subsequently changing their license plates against other models with the same characteristics, and disabling the geographic positioning systems as safety measures.


Agents managed to locate a couple living in Malaga who had close ties to members of the criminal organization and carried out all the logistical tasks needed to commit the attacks, vehicles, money, housing and locating houses for the inspection of the attacks provided . assaults.

At a certain point in the investigation, the agents found that those in charge of the organization visited the cities of Malaga, Barcelona and Ibiza on the same day, leading them to suspect that they might consider committing some of their criminal acts.

After learning on June 28 that members of the criminal network could travel by ferry from the island of Ibiza to the municipality of Denia in Málaga, a surveillance device was set up in the port and they discovered that a crime had just been committed in the villa , which was inhabited by Verratti, a Paris Saint Germain player.

Once they discovered the suspects’ presence, agents intercepted the vehicle and two suspected members of the organization and were able to locate in the passenger airbag compartment several of the luxury watches stolen in the robbery, which appeared to have been perpetrated in Ibiza.

After arresting these two members of the criminal network, the agents located the other five members of the organization in the province of Malaga. After the arrest, two house searches were carried out in the municipalities of Valle-Niza and Chilches in Málaga, and another in Ibiza, seizing effects allegedly allowing those arrested to be charged in another 15 attacks on luxury properties: nine in the province of Málaga, four in the municipalities of Murcia and two in the cities of Pilar de la Horadada and Torremolinos in Alicante.

The judge on duty in Denia (Alicante) approved on July 1 a provisional sentence, announced without bail for the two men arrested in that city for their alleged connection to the multi-million dollar robbery of soccer player Marco, according to Europe Press sources Those familiar with confirmed the decision.

Source europapress.es

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