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The PlayStation 5 will waive awards in multiplayer games from autumn

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MADRID, Aug 2 (Portaltic/EP) –

Sony announced that praisethe system that rewards players based on their good behavior displayed in multiplayer titles will no longer be present in PlayStation 5 (PS5) From autumn due to non-use.

The Japanese company introduced this feature in late 2020 with the launch of its next-gen console, which includes three categories: ‘helpful’, ‘good player’ Y ‘heartfelt’.

Players have an opportunity to share one of those hymns of praise for every game they play online. This system also introduces certain limitations as it is only allowed to praise the same player once every 12 hours and it is not possible to reward someone who appears on the user’s friends list.

The tour of this functionality, as expected by PlayStation, will end next fall with a blog postin which he previewed some of the features that will no longer be present on his consoles.

In this sense, the Japanese manufacturer has acknowledged that it has made the decision to disable this function due to a low usage rate. which has not met the company’s forecasts.

“In Fall 2022, the praise feature will no longer be available on PlayStation 5. This feature hasn’t been used as much as we expected, so we’re redirecting our efforts,” he said in the letter.

Sony has thus announced that another security-oriented feature will soon no longer work. Special, Child Safety/Web Safety by Trend Micro, which aims to securely access the Internet with the browser from its various consoles.

This option is available for different models of the company’s consoles, such as PlayStation 3 since November 2007, PSP since April 2009 or PS Vita since December 2011. From now on it will no longer be available for everyone May 31, 2023.

Source europapress.es

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