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“The Perfect Dinner”: Host Zafi is “about to quit” after one misstep

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A day when everything seems to be going wrong: Host Zafi takes out his frustration on his wife’s cell phone. (Image: RTL)

Not in Marburg, but in Gie├čen, agency manager Zafi (38) opens the door of his apartment on the 3rd. He describes his cooking style as “structured and clean”. However, “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX) plunges him into chaos…

Zafi’s wife, Julia, likes her husband to cook for her: “Most of the time he gets 11 out of 10 points.” Good conditions for the host with Turkish roots to get top marks. He chose Israel as his motto “because we had our honeymoon there after our wedding.” On Day 3 of “The Perfect Dinner” in and around Marburg, he serves his guests “A Journey Through the World of Oriental-Israeli Pleasure”:

  • Appetizer: Eggplant soup with simit and labneh

  • Main course: Colorful plate with chickpeas, minced meat, peppers, turnips, tomatoes, castor and lettuce – let us surprise you

  • Dessert: Malabi and Revani – for the good ending with you

“Israel is not my area now”, Rainer (66) can hardly imagine. Kurt (63) even less: “I hope the dessert tastes good. That’s important to me first of all.” The beaver irritates him: “Is that a beaver tail?” No, it’s pepper.

Zavi's guests, however, view the many small missteps with indulgence.  They enjoy the evening and put the host (in the center) of the 'Perfect Dinner' week in Marburg at the top of the score at the moment.  (Image: RTL)

However, Zavi’s guests view the many small missteps with indulgence. They enjoy the evening and put the host (centre) of the “Perfect Dinner” week in Marburg at the top of the points ranking for the moment. (Image: RTL)

Zafi on falafel stress: “Then the problems started…”

Even during the preparation, Zafi loses the structure. The same thing happens with his falafel dough, too watery: “Let’s see how it goes. And pray.” Next mistake: he throws the chopped onions in the trash. “Oh God, I’m so stupid!” In search of sesame for sesame rings, he opens all the cabinets. “Where is this sesame?” The rescue comes from his wife via smartphone: “Down, in the bottom drawer.” Zafi complains to her about her suffering: “I’m absolutely stressed. The falafel have gone to shit.”

current mood? “Nearly running out.” Then she realizes, “I just used the wrong sesame.” She inspects the large seeds in the dough: “Oh, I have flax seeds!” Julia’s solution: “So you say, eat that with flaxseed. It’s good for digestion.” Exhausted, the host longs for the arrival of the guests: “I would very much like a gin and tonic now.” He laments: “I felt great until noon. And then the problems started.”

Sesame faux pas becomes a godsend

He brings the soup made of grilled eggplants with “sesame” doodles and yogurt and admits his sesame dilemma: “I had a misstep, hence the stress.” A stroke of luck for flax aficionado Chantal (37): “I was very happy that it was flax and not sesame.”

Zafi then fries her falafel in the open air. A glance at the fryer triggers an escape tirade: “Fuck! What the fuck! They broke up! Shit!” He saves what can be saved. Kurt tries it: “It was so much better than the falafel I’ve had before.” After the stress of the main course, Zafi sweats: “I’ll still have nightmares.”

Chantal praises Zafi: ‘She tried everything’

Last hope: dessert with milk pudding and Turkish semolina cake. Amira (27) finds a whole tonka bean in her pudding. Zafi horrified: “Oh God. I wanted to boil them and take them out again. I forgot about them!” The cake is a hit with everyone.

Despite the chaos and stress, Zafi takes the lead with 33 points. Chantal: “He was a great host. He tried to do everything.” You can see that in Zafi at the end of the evening: “I’m really flat.”

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