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The parties discuss the expansion of inclusive sports facilities in Pankow

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Rumors about the Jahn-Sportpark continue. The residents, the Greens and the leftists of the Pankow district and the House of Representatives demand that the construction of the stadium and the expansion of the sports park into an inclusive sports facility be developed together.

Until now, the sports and urban planning administration had indicated that a construction contest would only affect the stadium. The basis for this is a needs program that is not yet available for the sports park, he said. However, the response of the sports administration to a request from the left, which is at the disposal of the Tagesspiegel, shows that the result of the sports park needs program is already expected in the second quarter of this year.

“Then both can very well be planned together to prevent the stadium and the park from falling apart,” said sports politician and president of the left-wing district in Pankow, Sandra Brunner. Both the coalition agreement and the 100-day program talk about the development of the Jahn Sports Park and not about a construction competition just for the stadium, which should be finished in November. “Red-Red-Green is committed to developing an inclusive sports park. Therefore, both must be developed together. There is time for that,” Brunner said.

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Senate construction director Petra Kahlfeldt told the sports committee in late February that stadium construction and sports park development would be planned together. However, the response to the consultation states that the third phase of construction, that is, the redesign of open spaces and other sports facilities to form an inclusive sports park, is only foreseen in the investment planning from 2026. For the dismantling of the stadium, on the other hand, in the double budget there are 2.4 million for 2022 and two million for 2023. There are also other authorizations above two million. Discussions within the coalition about financial security for the development of the sports park are currently ongoing.

The neighbors ask that the meadow be preserved

According to the response, the spatial program of the sports park includes two large artificial turf playing fields, an athletics and skating rink, outdoor sports facilities, two sports halls, tennis, table tennis and beach volleyball facilities and club rooms. However, there is no mention of the “natural meadow” used by recreational athletes. Clubs do not use it for training or competition purposes. Therefore, local residents demand that the meadow be preserved.

The sports administration announced in February that a “new building” of the stadium will be built, in which elements that establish identity, such as lighting masts, grandstands or the listed interior wall of the Mauerpark, will be taken into account. “The Senate has not explicitly ruled in favor of the total demolition of the stadium,” is the administration’s response.

However, in the construction competition, the stadium will be advertised as a new building and the results of the previous workshop process will be incorporated into the advertisement. While the SPD and the CDU are in favor of a new state-level building, the Greens and the Left Party reject it. The debate continues: On April 8 there will be a hearing in the sports commission, in which representatives of the citizens’ initiative, the district sports association and the sports association for the disabled will participate.

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