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The paranormal story of the clinic where Dario Gómez died

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In the past few hours, a TikTok video in which they tell the paranormal story of the clinic where he died Dario Gomezthe ‘King of Evil’in Medellín, and witnessed by the workers of this medical center.

Last Tuesday July 26, 2022, in the evening, the news of Death of Dario Gomez, recognized in Colombia as the “king of wickedness”. His death was confirmed by the Clínica las Américas, apparently due to cardiac arrest.

The medical center that treated him assured that the musician had entered the emergency room at night, “in a state of unconsciousness after suffering a sudden collapse at his home”. By the time he arrived he was “without vital signs and was taken to the resuscitation room”. Eventually, they declared her dead at 7:31 p.m.

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Ghosts in the clinic where Darío Gómez died

Now a video has been released which talks about paranormal stories at this place. According to the TikTok user, this place is frequented by the spirits of the deceasedwho have been seen on several work opportunities.

The clinic was established in 1993 and is recognized as one of the best in Latin America. But people have reported seeing people at the end of hallways or hearing doors open and close.

According to the video and TikTok, the most popular story is that of a boy who comes to the clinic looking wet. Other workers said that in one of the rooms they pressed the emergency bell, but when you get to the room, there are no patients.

Do you believe these stories? Some of the people who live in this town said that they have never heard of ghost stories in this clinic.while a few ask for the spirit of Darío Gómez to appear.

Source metroecuador.com

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