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The overwhelming authority of Roca Rey

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El Fandi came ahead to warm up the atmosphere and get the staff ready. A strategy used by those who ruled the list: that people warm up from the first bull. And boy have the people warmed up the atmosphere. Three long knees and an extensive pile of sets, chicuelinas and others: a whole hodgepodge once the curtain rises. Of course the second third went by like nothing because it was almost nothing. Or rather nothing. Y delirium tremens in banderillas: three pairs, three. A waste of skills and, yes, an achievement in spot-on nailing. General madness. But then came the reality. And with the crutch, El Fandi got lost trying to reach the line, but without giving the crutch to the right. Muletazos everywhere, some partying along the way, others going unnoticed. A good cop. Wasted. A stocking, letting go of the crutch in session and an ear for the song.

It’s that simple, Manzanares with his first. Obedient Taurus, without putting a single condition. For the man from Alicante, deserted and light, everything seemed like a boat trip on the shores of his compatriots. People are excited. A work of obvious superiority to a Taurus, which is more friend than foe. Among all these works, some natural colors with beautiful painting and one with a beautiful and deep chest were released. After a puncture at the front, a lunge that was a monument to supreme happiness. It was worth the ear for that alone.

A roar in the square, but a different roar than in the first act of the bullfight, the work of Roca Rey in the third. A beautiful bull with ends, a pendant, one of those bullfighters they call “beautiful” (and so beautiful) who surrendered in the hands of an almighty bullfighter. From start to finish, the work was not in vain. He raised the curtain on his knees: two crutches from above and as many switched from behind. The firecracker had been lit. Of everything else, the bullfight on the right was the basic thing: low hand and joining the muletazos with no solution of continuity. It wasn’t the same on the left, just a slight row and no coupling. Back on the right, the party continued on the layout. After that, a lot of variety. Spontaneous hand changes on the fly and an ingenious “three in one”: right hand, hand change to tie a natural and the breast in a continuous braid. Changing the bull’s rush, the final Bernadines had a tremendous finale. By this time the good cop had already been looking for the tables. Thrust fell a little low, but it was fast. They asked to the tail.

The second part of the run didn’t start right away. El Fandi, a bull of considerable size, defensive and with a python shot in the air, would not let himself be El Fandi. Complacent in banderillas, with the crutch, El Fandi was lost in search of a purpose he never found. The fifth, without rags but with infinite obedience, also allowed Manzanares to recreate himself. Without much adjustment, the carnage settled on the bull’s right python. The little creature of the bull was not an unaffordable bill for the employees who turned to his compatriot. For the left python just a frustrated attempt. Then the sword was not an ally like in the previous round. The sixth, almost six years old, almost reflected his age. Deep what is said to a Toraco, but that also brought forth no ill intentions. Except he had no delivery and a very short trip. Roca allowed himself to be loved as much as the bull could love him. There was no brilliance, but plenty of poise. And he could even steal some series with overwhelming authority. The final approaches put the finishing touches to an irresistible show of force.

Victoriano del Rio / Fandi, Manzanares, Skirt

cops by Victoriano del Rio and Toros de Cortes (1st and 4th), correct in presentation, uneven in finish, with a very small fifth. Very noble.
the fandi: middle loser crutch (ear); average (greetings).
Jose Maria Manzanares: stab and big lunge (ear); two punctures and lunge -warning- (greetings).
King Rock: lunge (two ears); lunge (ear).
Alicante square. Fair third party. three quarters.

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