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The number of unemployed is nearly 2.5 million

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Status: 07/29/2022 10:47 a.m.

The number of unemployed people rose again in July. One reason: Ukrainian refugees are now also included in the statistics. At the same time, there are significantly more vacancies across the country than in the previous year.

Nationwide, nearly 2.5 million people are currently unemployed. This was announced by the Federal Employment Agency. The authority attributed the further increase in the unemployment rate to the fact that, since last month, unemployed Ukrainian refugees are also included in the toll.

With its information, the Federal Employment Agency relies on data available until July 12 inclusive. Thus, the number of unemployed increased by 107,000 to 2.47 million unemployed people compared to June. The jobless rate is currently 5.4%, up 0.2 percentage points from about four weeks ago.

Compared to the same month last year, however, the authority recorded a decrease in the number of unemployed by 120,000.

Unemployment higher than usual for the time of year

“Unemployment and underemployment rose more sharply in July than usual for the season,” said Daniel Terzenbach, board member of the Federal Employment Agency, assessing the current situation on the labor market. One of the main reasons for this development is that Ukrainian refugees, initially classified as asylum seekers, are now entitled to basic security and are therefore also included in unemployment statistics. However, “despite all the burdens and uncertainties,” the job market remains broadly stable, Terzenbach continued.

Last month, the Federal Employment Agency also included Ukrainian refugees in its statistics for the first time – and had already partially attributed the rise in unemployment figures in June to them. Last month, the number of people out of work rose by 103,000 to around 2.36 million from May. In June last year, around 251,000 more people were unemployed across the country.

More vacancies than last year

According to the Federal Employment Agency, the number of employees on short-time work continues to decline. The underlying data is available until May – at that time around 328,000 employees were on short-time work nationwide. In April, 401,000 people were still receiving partial unemployment benefits.

At the same time, the federal authority reports that there are significantly more vacancies on the labor market than in the previous year. There are currently around 881,000 vacancies throughout Germany – and thus around 136,000 more vacancies than a year ago.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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