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The number of pension recipients in Germany is increasing

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Status: 06/30/2022 12:09 p.m.

There are more and more pensioners in Germany: according to the Federal Statistical Office, their number has increased from 127,000 to nearly 22 million compared to the previous year. They received about 350 billion euros in pension benefits.

In Germany, 21.9 million people received statutory, private or company pension benefits last year. In total, about 350 billion euros were paid out, about 8.5 billion euros (2.5%) more than the previous year. As also reported by the Federal Statistical Office, the number of beneficiaries increased by 127,000 pensioners (plus 0.6%).

Almost everyone who pays taxes works part-time

According to the information, nearly 65% ​​of pension benefits were taxable (227 billion euros). Since 2015, the proportion has increased by 9.7 percentage points. The reason for the increase is the new regulation of taxation of retirement income in the Retirement Income Act 2005. The number of people who will pay income tax in 2021 is not yet known due long tax delays, he said.

According to the statisticians, the latest information was available for 2018. According to this, around a third (34%) had to pay income tax on their pension income at the time. Compared to 2017, the proportion increased by 2.5 percentage points. Nearly 86% of taxable pension recipients have other income in addition to their pensions.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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