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The new BMW iX5 Hydrogen undergoes the latest tests in Sweden

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German car group BMW is subjecting the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen to final tests on the road and at its test center in Arjeplog, northern Sweden, the company said in a statement.

After tests in extreme cold, the hydrogen fuel cell drive shows the same suitability for everyday use as a conventional combustion engine, and full system performance is also quickly achieved.

Even in these icy conditions, the drive continues to deliver full range and filling up the hydrogen tanks takes only three to four minutes, even in the depths of winter.

The drive system of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen combines fuel cell technology with an electric motor using fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. The hydrogen used as an energy carrier is stored in two 700 bar tanks made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The fuel cell converts hydrogen into electrical energy and generates an output of 170 hp.

Likewise, the electric motor can add energy stored in a battery to the mix. This battery is charged by energy recovery or the fuel cell, boosting performance up to 374 hp. The only emission from the fuel cell is water vapour, the residual heat from which is used particularly efficiently to heat the vehicle interior.

The company will produce a small series of the model over the course of the year and has also committed to helping expand the network of hydrogen filling stations.

With the application of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), 700-bar hydrogen filling stations would be set up at maximum intervals of 150 kilometers along the main traffic routes in all European member states.

“In order for us to be able to offer our customers a fuel cell drive as an attractive, sustainable mobility solution, a sufficiently comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure is also necessary,” says Frank Weber, Head of BMW Development.


Source europapress.es

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