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The NATO Summit and the Apple Store Hack

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Paca the piranha Enter the delicious American pastry shop on Calle de Atocha:


Dressed in a leopard robe, black trousers and a green sling after a bad fall a few days ago, she insists: “That’s me Paca the piranha!“. Will there be celebrity discounts during the Nato summit? Any. No sign. The employee turns around immediately when he hears such a stage name. There are regular customers and spontaneous customers. And then there is Paca. The pastry chef’s face is a poem. Very politely he replies: “Ah!” In that “ah” lives the same disbelief as when Vice President Nadia Calviño found out who she was piranhas a little over a year ago. Paca is the history of Spain. The former vedette and actress is part of the House of Representatives record. From the state in capital letters, go. On March 20, 2021, Pablo Iglesias addressed the conservative faction as follows: “Do you know the difference between Paca the piranha and Santiago Abascal? That Paca the piranha the military did, Your Honor.” Nadia Calviño, in the front row and alongside the then leader of Podemos, turned to Iglesias’ left ear. In disbelief – and still with the mic open – she blurted out, “Paca what?” Also. 15 months later, Paca the piranha He doesn’t talk around with stories: “I’ll be here at the Calderón Theater until the end of June. If you see a poster, I’m the fat one.”

“What about the NATO summit, Paca?”

“At my own pace. The cab cost me more money because it got me more laps.

Like everyone. The capital lives in a constant zigzag. In short: Madrid is Spain again. There is so much freedom these days that even Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been looking for it in Miami. The capital spent 24 hours in an alegríadera. And another 24 are missing. There are cuts in the streets, every two by three, unexpected. And also every three times four. Traffic decreased by 30% compared to the same day of the previous week, and at the same time, the highest occupancy in history was recorded in the buses of the Municipal Transport Company. Come on, the mobility summit in the capital this Wednesday did more than José Luis Martínez-Almeida did in three years

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There are many – very many – police cars downtown. Blue, yellow, white fences. There are blue tanks around the Atocha station. There are police officers who interrupt traffic and direct it. At Puerta del Alcalá, at Puerta del Sol, in Congress. If there is a hotel, an agent with a black machine gun will welcome you. Americans must be received as God intended. There is even a dedicated car parked in a pedestrian crossing of the Paseo del Prado. What else is there?

There, motorcycles are picked up by a municipal tow truck. no You cannot park around the four and five star hotels. “It’s called a zone of influence,” explains a mobility agent who was present at the pick-up. NATO has influenced the people of Madrid from the nose. In short, NATO does not live by stories. If the motorcycle is not collected within 48 hours you will be fined. One is the peak and the other is the taxes you can collect with it. tacataca tacataca. A helicopter flies over El Retiro. When a procession passes, people stop. Don’t blink. Some pull out their cell phones. they record. They take pictures. Left to right. And from right to left. Surprise. Unbelief. Plus, of course, there’s speculation as to who will go inside. “Who will it be?” says a lady. “Whoever,” replies another. Tomorrow Atlantic Alliances.

Surveillance at Puerta del Sol, this Tuesday.Aitor Sol

Some Amazon suppliers — and several carriers — circulate the streets in pairs with wheelbarrows full of boxes. “It’s a bit annoying, yes,” says one of them in the Las Letras neighborhood. “Now we’ll put the goods in front of the door and leave. We can’t park.” Meanwhile, the neighbors continue to play EuroMillions in the lottery administration. “You see fewer people on the street, but it can also be June and July,” says Juan Manuel Camean, a baker from the inner city. The horn, yes , sounds less than last week. There are tourists with the famous clatter of rolling suitcases. Breakfast with toasted bread and tomatoes. Paellas at 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Constant beers. Many incredulous at so much security around the corners. Graciela Similio, Argentinian and 66 years old, came a few days ago with some friends.” We knew it was the summit. We did the Camino de Santiago and now we stopped in Madrid. We can’t go to the Prado Museum and we can.” not to the royal palace either, but we did one yesterday free guided tours“. They will leave on Sunday.

Around Las Meninas Five agents in sunglasses and royal pins on their lapels are on the loose. There are blue trucks with a huge sign: “Underground”. There are TV journalists doing direct broadcasts everywhere. A spokesman for the Prado Museum explains over the phone that tonight’s gala dinner for chef José Andrés will be held in the corridors where there are no paintings.

What dishes will there be?

-It’s a secret.

-Joe Biden will see some Velázquez…

“Some curators of the museum will naturally wander around in case the leaders have any doubts.

There will even be a concert by the Kiev Symphony Orchestra, he explains. “It’s an act of cultural diplomacy.” There is a Spanish TV truck that will broadcast an institutional signal live. Ten minutes away, at Puerta del Sol, there are currently no cuts. A tour guide with a red umbrella explains to a dozen Mexicans and Argentines that Carlos III. Arrived in Madrid in 1759. That he had this gigantic square built to connect the capital to six points in Spain. “It’s not the center of the city or the center of the country,” he says. “They say if they take the picture alone, they want to go back alone.” Namely.

This Tuesday, around five o’clock in the afternoon, access was blocked. There have been many complaints from locals, tourists and neighbors. The police asked the DNI to go to the other side. “Residents only,” they insisted. A kid replied, “I’m going to the Apple Store.” A trick: “Happens”. The summit does not tolerate apple bites.

La Castellana is also closed for a few hours in the morning. The same will happen this afternoon. Incidentally, the Cibeles now coexist with five flags of Spain and five of NATO. There are also four black vans parked at the Palace Hotel. A driver with gray hair moves very stealthily from left to right.

“How’s the morning going?”

“I’ve been here for three hours and I’m doing nothing.

“No one calls you?”

“We’re under contract with the United States Embassy, ​​they say.

Yesterday a colleague only went on an excursion.

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