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The National Court accuses former Justice Presencia of defaming Supreme Court justices

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Shot of the Acodap website asking for donations, with the photo of the former judges in the background.

Joaquín Gadea, judge of the National Court, has decided to indict Fernando Presencia, a former judge who was excluded from the race and twice convicted of evasion. The instructor made this decision after allowing the complaint filed by prosecutors last week to be processed, accusing Presence of the crime of defamation and defamation, and against the state’s high institutions for spreading false reports about the judges of the Supreme Court and through the Attorney General of the State, Dolores Delgado.

The State Department alleges that the former judge, who heads the Association Against Corruption and in Defense of Public Action (Acodap), is spreading false information in which he attributes to Supreme Court justices and Delgado a number of possessions in tax havens and their collection of bribes for the Presencia relies on complaints she pursues in court to spread these alleged hoaxes, which have fizzled, but which she discloses through the website of the group she runs, through which she also raises money. “Scandal in the Supreme! Caught with accounts in tax havens 9 of the 16 judges in his Trial Chamber,” says one of the most recent publications he made.

Judge Gadea, who back in April ordered an investigation into Presencia to find out if she had fabricated “ex-professor” documentary to include in a complaint against former President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and against Delgado, believes that the defendant’s information “has clear criminal traits and constitutes an undue invasion of the honor of those concerned”. For this reason, in addition to ordering that it be declared investigated, the instructor has ordered the closure of the Acodap website and asked the Civil Guard to prepare reports on the economic contributions received from this association.

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