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The most popular NFT buying and selling sites right now

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The most popular NFT buying and selling sites right now

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are one of the most popular blockchain-based technologies today. At first it didn’t matter much, until Facebook and other companies revealed the metaverse and brought users closer to it. This made most of the users want to get digital copies of different things and own the rights to them. If you want to sell any content in NFT format, either for the purpose of buying or selling it, you need intermediary platforms. These are the best NFT buying and selling sites.

OpenSea.io Platform منصة

The most famous in the world so far, everyone in the world today has tried one way or another to upload their masterpieces to the OpenSea platform. Even celebrities and the wealthy looking for opportunities to buy very expensive NFT parts visit OpenSea on a daily basis. Most of the pieces you hear have sold for millions of dollars, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, they are only available on the OpenSea platform. Its great fame has made it a paradise for everyone who is interested in this field as a whole, whether as a seller or as a buyer. It has recently started to suffer some problems related to intellectual property rights, fraud and money laundering by users, but the platform seeks to solve it as soon as possible.

Binance NFT Market

The Binance platform is one of the most popular platforms for buying and trading cryptocurrencies and digital currencies globally. This platform is trying in various ways to be the first to include the latest Blockchain-based technologies. From cryptocurrency subscription to storage. As soon as the flames of NFT started to heat up in the market, the platform did not hesitate to launch a special market for users to buy and sell NFT globally. The problem with Binance Marketplace is that it does not always open its doors to new users, and you, as a new user, cannot currently post your work on the platform. The platform wants to make sure that all the pieces listed are authentic works of art and are not free from intellectual property rights issues, so new NFTs are only accepted by people who are fairly trustworthy, registration link.

railable platform

Rarible is among the best Ethereum-based NFT buying and selling sites featuring rare NFT content, after OpenSea. On the Rarible platform, there are tons of NFT artifacts you can buy, most of the parts actually available are parts you won’t find on any other competing platform, and that makes it relevant (hence its name Rarible based on Rare). All platform users have the right to display their artwork for sale through the platform. Here one of its most notable shortcomings may appear, and that is that a large percentage is needed to be able to show your products for sale. Your chances of selling NFT content within Rarible may be better than on any other platform, but the commission may wear you out.

Nifty Gateway Platform

Another platform that was in charge of showing the latest and most innovative NFT antiques, one of the famous stores that initially did not gain a good reputation, but soon its name reached the ears of users. It is not very different from the rest of the stores except for the content it offers, and its different and professional works of art. Also, Nifty Gateway invites you to create and create content from scratch and display it on the platform. It depends on the Ethereum network as well, so all the content for sale on the platform can be purchased only with this cryptocurrency. However, the Nifty Gateway platform is still not very popular in the Arab world, or rather in the NFT world in general, but it is still a good platform that you can use to explore the NFT world closely.

Other platforms to buy and sell NFT

Among the dozens, we have chosen the best for you, but they are definitely not the only ones, there is a very large group of sites, and each one is active in a specific protocol, these are some of them with a quick summary of them:

  • Magic Eden Platform – Explore some of the best artifacts, but this time related to the Solana protocol, all proposed NFTs on the Magic Eden platform are active on that protocol.
  • Okimoto platform: completely different, adopts the Zilliqa project first, and it is preferable to have Zilliqa coins to buy and sell. It has different NFT artifacts for you to explore.
  • Rarity Tools – A separate site that tries to collect the rarest artifacts on the market. The site technically connects to OpenSea as a buy and sell broker, built on top of Ethereum.
  • CNFT.io platform: If you are active in Cardano and own a large amount of this coin, then what you need is the CNFT.io platform that offers NFT packages to buy or sell using Cardano.

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