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The most important protocols and projects that will replace social media platforms in Web 3.0 –

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The most important protocols and projects that will replace social media platforms in Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is one of the technologies we have been waiting for as it will change the way we interact with the Internet in general. Internet today is the worst place where you can feel privacy or freedom, both are just illusions. But Web 3.0 would help the Internet rise to higher levels in terms of privacy and security. Among the things that have become necessary in our daily lives are social media platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. So will they have an alternative in Web 3.0?

mask network

The Mask Network protocol and project may be one of the most important projects you have to know about, because it will completely change the concept of social media platforms in Web 3.0. The Mask Network project aims to encrypt communications sent and incoming to through the famous social media platforms. This protocol is not intended to launch its own social platform at all, but only to improve privacy and security when using popular social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It got some attention and development after the metaverse was announced, but we haven’t seen any real projects from the developers for it yet.


Steemit is one of the oldest projects ever dealing with Web 3.0 services firstly and social media content second. For those who are not aware of Steemit, Steemit is a media-like social media platform where users share different articles and topics. Users then rate those articles positively if they like the content, and the user earns STEEM coins for it. It’s a completely different social media platform than the one you know, but here it is, Steemit is not new, it’s very, very old. These features have been available for more than a decade and are already successful in Web 2.0, which doesn’t fit at all. So we will see Steemit flourish more in Web 3.0 without a doubt.

project lens

The Lens.dev project is a different project itself active on a decentralized network. Instead of launching your own social media platform, the site gives you something better, which is the ability to create your own complete social media platform. If you are a company, or a group of people and you want to create a closed social network platform active in Web 3.0 only among you, to share and exchange content, this project can fulfill this wish. The project generally aims to create multiple closed digital spaces to keep security and information within them, rather than one huge social platform that includes millions of people in one place.

The Graph project.

Data and information management is essential on which platform or service you are using, right? The Graph project comes to provide us with this. It is not a social media platform and cannot provide you with the ability to create your own platform. But creating a social media platform means the presence of some data like: images, texts, user accounts, email, passwords and more. What protocol or project will we trust to process the data that we will publish on social networks in Web 3.0? The Graph platform comes to provide an opportunity for the masses to manage data and information within social media platforms and to preserve the privacy of users.

Project status

Personally, this project might be the most exciting to use and try. The Status project aims to provide complete isolation to the user in order to take advantage of all kinds of connections that can be made abroad. This project creates an isolated box for your smartphone or computer with all communication services like sending messages and photos, then encrypts them and sends them through the blockchain network to a specific address. This makes your communication not only encrypted, but also impossible to see if your phone or device is hacked, if someone is spying on your network, etc. We have a full project status review for you to explore further.

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