Bottle organized in Barcelona in September 2021 when the nightlife was still closed.Joan Sanchez (THE COUNTRY)

A new form of chemical submission is making its way into clubs across Europe and has also reached Catalonia. The Mossos d’Esquadra are investigating the complaints of five girls who are said to have suffered punctures in nightlife districts. The Catalan police do not currently know if these injections contained any type of drug intended to break the will of the victims and leave them at the mercy of their attacker. However, there is no evidence that these punctures led to any sexual assault.

The phenomenon of chemical delivery through punctures was noted months ago in clubs in Belgium and France. “We are in a global world, what happens in Paris one day can happen in Catalonia the following week,” explains Fecasarm Secretary General Joaquim Boadas. This coalition of nightlife entrepreneurs was a pioneer in finding formulas to combat traditional chemical subjugation, which consisted of putting substances in victims’ drinks. In addition to discouraging customers from accepting drinks, some clubs in Catalonia also distribute lids for glasses to avoid introducing harmful substances that could cause those who drink them to lose consciousness.

Boadas asks for caution in the face of this new phenomenon, since these are “exceptional and special cases”. “There’s no wave, let alone they’re not common practices,” he says, before pointing out that during celebrations of big bottles in Spanish cities – with no control over the drinks distributed – it was as the cases of levies from chemicals increased.

The spokeswoman for the Mossos d’Esquadra, Montserrat Escudé, also called for calm in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio. Escudé has announced that five complaints are being investigated, but that they expect to receive a sixth complaint this Tuesday, that of a woman who, as reported on Twitter, was stabbed with a syringe or injection at a nightclub in Barcelona. The Mossos, he said, will be “rigorous” in the investigation and have already requested information from the French police to relay information about the phenomenon. The spokeswoman acknowledged that the cases could generate “fear and concern” but asked that a “climate of terror” that does not reflect reality be avoided.

In relation to the five cases investigated, there is no evidence that the victims were drugged, although the results of the analyzes are awaited. The attackers’ goal is usually to knock the girls unconscious so they can abuse them. There is no evidence that this happened with these punctures, said Escudé, who urged women suffering from any of these episodes to go to a health center as soon as possible so that samples of the substances can be taken quickly. Almost 30% of cases, he recalled, are reported a year after the events occurred. And one of the researchers’ problems is that the traces in the blood quickly disappear.

According to official Mossos data, during 2021 through June this year, a total of 167 women reported being assaulted as a result of chemical dispensing, meaning someone overpowered them after offering them a drink or introducing them to something substance in the drink. A further 127 were attacked in connection with the nightlife when they were defenseless for voluntarily consuming alcohol or drugs.

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