August 11, 2022 at 1:53 p.m.

“The Morning Show” is getting a third season from the Apple TV+ streaming service, which could be released in 2022. The already well-represented series now gets additional stars with Jon Hamm.

The Morning Show: Star-studded Apple TV+ Original with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell

The Morning Show: The Star-Cast Apple TV+ Original with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell (Source: TMDB.org)

  • The American streaming service Apple TV+ has given the green light to a third season of the drama series “The Morning Show” in early 2022.
  • Executive producer Mimi Leder has already revealed that this one won’t be about Corona.
  • It has now been officially confirmed that ‘Mad Men’ actor Jon Hamm will be joining the hit series.

Season 2 of Apple TV+ series “The Morning Show” has received its first expansion from the streaming service. In season 3 of the star-studded drama series, it’s not just the main actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon be at the start again, and “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm will also be seen in a new role.

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The Morning Show Season 3: Launch

Season 3 of “The Morning Show” was given the green light, but no start date was set so soon after the decision. Executive producer Mimi Leder said to the American magazine Town and Country previously interested in continuing the story: “There’s a lot of love for the show – it seems like people love it. There’s definitely a lot more stories to tell.”

If fans had to wait 2 whole years for season 2, season 3 might be closer to you this time. Calculate here, however not with a departure before fall 2022.

The Morning Show Season 3: Script

The exact content of season 3 is not yet known. Season 1 was dedicated to the #MeToo debate, season 2 was about the corona pandemic.

Executive producer Leder had only this to say about Season 3: “If that [eine dritte Staffel] if there is, it will not be covid. I promise you.” The new episodes certainly reserve scandals again.

Season 2 ends with an uncertain future for Cory, Bradley and Alex. Cory finally confesses to Bradley that he loves her. Unable to break up with his family, Bradley sets out to find his missing brother, Hal. In the meantime, Alex is broadcasting live from his apartment and reporting on his experiences with Covid-19. She tells the audience that either the virus will “cancel her” or she will.

The finale leaves all the characters in an uncertain state as the pandemic has now become a reality. What will this mean for the future of these characters?

The Morning Show Season 3: Trailer

Since “The Morning Show” was only extended for a third season in January 2022 and filming has yet to begin, there is no trailer yet. As soon as one is available, you will find it with us.

The Morning Show Season 3: Cast

Season 3 will also feature Jennifer Aniston (“Friends”) as Alex Levy and Reese Witherspoon (“Little Fires Everywhere”, “Big Little Lies”) as Bradley Jackson.

Billy Crudup (“Spotlight”, “Eat Pray Love”), Mark Duplass (“Goliath”), Nestor Carbonell (“Bates Motel”), Bel Powley, Karen Pittman (“Marvel’s Luke Cage”) and Desean Terry as well as “La The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies as Laura Peterson is also set to return for the new season.

Furthermore, it has now been announced that also Mad Men star Jon Hamm will join the cast in Season 3. Hamm, who recently starred in the blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick and also landed a starring role in the hit anthology series Fargo, will take on the role of a businessman named by Paul Marks.

Marks has his eye on UBA and won’t really make life easier for Cory and Alex. A while ago, Apple TV+ released a humorous ad in which Hamm humorously accuses the streaming service that everyone who respects themselves in Hollywood has ever been in one of the well-known productions except him. But now the actor will officially join the Apple TV+ family. Watch the fun clip again here:

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