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The money Pique could have gotten had he married Shakira before they split

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Now that the separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique is on everyone’s lips, social networks have been filled with all kinds of speculation about the relationship, from their internal conflicts to monetary problems, a subject that interests many, since the footballer and the singer had not married before breaking up .

In most countries, a divorce entails a long and tedious legal division of marital property, which is generally considered fair. For this reason, sometimes one part of the couple usually takes a large percentage of the other person’s assets, of course, to get a divorce you have to get married first.

How much money would Pique have gotten after the separation if he had married Shakira?

Shakira’s worldwide success over the past 20 years is no secret, so she currently has a huge fortune amassed through her hit record productions, huge tours, and constant collaborations. According to the Celebrity Networth portal, the Colombian has a fortune of around $300 million.

Throughout more than 10 years of relationship, the couple have clarified on several occasions that they felt very comfortable living together without any type of paperwork between the two, but if they had married without an agreement prenup, Pique would have had half of Shakira’s immense fortune.

Although it is also true that she would have received half of Pique’s net worth, which according to the same page is around $80 million. Although that seems like a lot to most, had they gotten married, the breakup would have benefited the Spanish athlete immensely.

Shakira is hugely successful thanks to her split

It seems like it hasn’t all been bad luck for the couple, as both have been trending since announcing their split and it looks like they will be for a long time to come. Shakira particularly benefited from this.

“Te congratulations” remains in the top 5 YouTube music videos with more than 150 million views, while since its release it has not disappeared from Spotify trends. The artist should take the opportunity to make new releases and announcements.

Source metroecuador.com

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