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The minimum height and other requirements to enter the Ecuadorian army as a professional

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From August 8 to September 24, professionals can apply for a place in the Ecuadorian army. Registration can be done at www.ejercito.ecuatoriano.mil.echowever, they must also meet minimum requirements.

One of the main requirements is to respect the minimum height: men 160 cm and women 155 cm. Then we show you the remaining 16 points to fill in.

  1. Be Ecuadorian by birth, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador.
  2. Aspiring officers and specialized troops: be of age up to 35 years, zero months, zero days, on the date of admission to the training schools.
  3. Specialist officer candidates must hold: A third or fourth degree professional diploma issued by Institutes of Higher Education (EES) legally recognized by the State, in accordance with the requirements and needs of the establishment.
  4. Candidates for the specialized troupe must hold: A higher technical or technological diploma from the Institutes of Higher Education (IES) legally recognized by the State.
  5. The applicant must not have a criminal record or be involved in legal proceedings; similar condition will be taken into account in their parents up to the first degree of consanguinity.
  6. For aspiring medical specialists, dentists and nurses: Present the certificate of having completed the year of rural medicine legalized by the Ministry of Public Health.
  7. For aspiring specialists in the careers of medicine and dentistry, graduates of the year 2014, they will present the certificate of approval of the professional practice qualification examination issued by the CEAACES/CACES.
  8. For aspiring specialists in troop musicians, the army will consider for admission the baccalaureate in the corresponding specialty.
  9. Not having been discharged from office in accordance with current regulations of the Armed Forces Training Schools, National Police or Transit Commission of Ecuador and other institutions.
  10. Specialists who were dismissed during their internship must undergo a new selection and admission procedure.
  11. In the event of force majeure, the candidates of the troop who have approved and obtained an admission quota and who, due to force majeure, have not entered, will undergo a medical, psychological and physical evaluation, which will be received by the schools .
  12. Re-enrollments will not be considered for troop applicants who have been withdrawn from military training schools.
  13. Complete all the required documentation, which will be published on the website of each training school: esmil.mil.ec Yes www.esforse.mil.ec.
  14. The applicant who commits fraudulent acts throughout the process or participates in acts of corruption in the activities of the process will be separated immediately.
  15. Not have been eliminated from an armed forces selection process
  16. Present a vaccination certificate with the booster dose of COVID-19.

Source metroecuador.com

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