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The mayor talks about more than 1000 houses destroyed in Kharkiv

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Baerbock pledges German support to Ukraine’s neighboring countries

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) promised Germany’s financial support to Ukraine’s neighboring countries due to the large number of war refugees. Germany can help ensure that refugees in countries like Moldova can be cared for directly on the spot, Baerbock said Monday when he visited an initial reception center in Eisenhüttenstadt.

The chancellor emphasized the need for the international airlift initiated by the federal government for people who have fled to Ukraine’s neighboring countries. “We need a distribution there,” Baerbock said. No one will walk from Belarus, Moldova or Poland to Spain, let alone cross the Atlantic alone. “For that we need an airlift, which I am working full speed ahead with the G7 countries,” he said.

Baerbock defended the Reinforcement of NATO’s eastern flank. Russian President Putin has decided not only to attack Ukraine’s sovereignty, but also the peace order in Europe. “That’s why we also support our Eastern European neighbors in Poland, in the Baltic states, who of course have even bigger concerns than we do because they are even closer to Russia,” he said. “The security that we promised ourselves as Europeans, now we must give ourselves this security” (dpa)

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