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The Mayor of Ermua asks for “unity” in the tribute to Miguel Ángel Blanco next Sunday

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Mari Mar Blanco, in a file image.Pradip J Phanse

The mayor of Ermua (Bizkaia), the socialist Juan Carlos Abascal, has finally accepted that Marimar Blanco, the sister of Miguel Ángel Blanco, a PP councilor murdered by ETA in 1997, will take the floor in the upcoming institutional act that city next Sunday July 10, two days before the 25th anniversary of the crime. The City Council phoned the PP MP at the Madrid Assembly this Tuesday afternoon to let her know he was trying to integrate “his participation” into the law. She had sent him a letter that Tuesday urging him to reconsider his decision not to allow her to intervene.

Abascal has indicated in statements to this newspaper that his intention is “not to veto anyone” in an act intended to reflect the “unity” around the mayor of Ermua who was assassinated by the terrorist group ETA. According to the mayor, Marimar Blanco “appreciated” this decision. The mayor is in talks with the royal family to finalize Sunday’s law, which the councilor himself, the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, wants to intervene in; the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the King.

In the letter he sent him, Blanco asked him to speak during the ceremony. The PP has previously claimed that Marimar Blanco will be one of the speakers at the ceremony, which will also be attended by popular President Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “I just want to speak in honor of my brother and in his memory,” Blanco said in the letter, which he also sent to the regional council and the Basque executive.

In her letter, the sister of the councilman murdered by ETA tells the mayor: “It is impossible for me to explain why I will not be able to give a short speech on the 25th anniversary of my brother’s death in the same city where you meet him murdered.” From the content of the letter it can be inferred that the Ermua councilor had denied him the right to intervene in a telephone conversation. Blanco assures that the explanations that Abascal offered him were not “convincing”. According to his Version, the mayor told him that this Sunday “the goal is to honor all the victims of ETA.” “None [víctima] he was offered the floor. In any case, no one can question that Sunday will commemorate the terrorist attack that killed Miguel Ángel and which, like never before, mobilized and gave impetus to all of Spanish society Spirit of Ermua“.

For this reason, Blanco informed him that, in his opinion, the refusal to give him a voice during the act was “incomprehensible”, “freely and with the same respect with which he has always acted towards his family since they married him have killed”. “I ask you, as the organizer of the event, to reconsider this decision.” “In all these years,” he says in the letter, “I’ve never had to chase after any loudspeakers.” “The party my brother was a member of,” says he, in reference to the PP, “and the Spanish society itself generously offered them to me. However, for an event as important as this year, I feel it is justified and necessary to be able to address the audience firstly on behalf of my family and secondly for the Miguel Ángel Blanco Foundation.”

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