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“The mask should not have ceased to be compulsory”: an intensivist doctor speaks about the sixth wave of infections in Ecuador

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“The mask should not have ceased to be compulsory. It is very good that it is taken up as an obligation because immunity can make levels of protection disappear. That’s why we have a major outbreak.” This is the suggestion of the intensivist doctor, Alberto Campodonico, before the announcement of the advance of the sixth wave of COVID-19 infections in the country.

At the end of April, the use of the mask in open and closed spaces ceased to be mandatory due to the drop in infections. However, today the situation is different. According to official data, the positivity curve has risen from 5% to over 40%. “That is, for every 10 suspected cases of COVID-19, 4 are positive and increasing,” he said..

He explained that those who received Ómicron (the most representative in the country) in December 2021 or January of this year generated immunity, which lasts approximately three to six months. But if this group of people has not been vaccinated with the third dose, then they could relapse into hospitalization and intensive care.

The current call, and with a gradual increase in cases over the last three epidemiological weeks, is to have the respective precautions, to use the mask in closed public spaces. He also suggested that those who don’t have three doses, place it “Because there could be more positives and hospitalizations.”

He mentions that greater campaigns should be carried out on the placement of the third dose. “People should be vaccinated with the third dose. Those who got sick when the mask was taken off, many got sick thinking it was the flu, they didn’t get tested and they actually had COVID-19.”

In addition, the contagions that could have occurred during the crowd during the national strike in Ecuador have not yet been included in the analyses.

At the end of June, the total doses applied in Ecuador amount to 35 million 860,000 81. This is equivalent to 83.64% of the target population covered by the complete regimen.

“It was very early to come off the mask and not be able to sustain that 5% positivity we had, but we gradually increased”closed Dr. Campodónico.

Guayaquil takes back the mask

The Emergency Operations Committee (COE) of Guayaquil has decided that in the city the use of masks is mandatory in closed places.

The resolution calls for the mandatory use of surgical masks/masks in enclosed public spaces.

For the moment, Quito and Cuenca have not announced that they will join the same measure.

No announcement was made by the national government either.

Source metroecuador.com

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