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The man told the Amess suspect: This is not the United States, the police will not shoot you

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A Good Samaritan has described in vivid detail his tense confrontation with a knife-wielding terrorist accused of murdering MP Sir David Amess.

The unarmed Darren King said he immediately realized the danger posed by the suspect, Ali Harbi Ali, 26, when the pair came face to face inside Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, last October.

He said he ran into the building from the outside when he heard what had happened, and tried to “calm down” Ali, who was standing with a bloodstained carving knife in one hand, screaming at her “hysterical” sister on the phone. what he was holding in the other one.

In an exchange, recalled to police hours after the stabbing and captured on police video, King said: “He (Ali) said: I want to be shot.

“I said: They (the police) do that in the United States, not so much here.”

Ali Harbi Ali on the Old Bailey Pier (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

King said he saw Sir David’s bloodied body “crumpled on the floor” in a vestry at the rear of the church as he tried to reason with the suspect and let him attend to the victim, whom he had known for years and had. we were to meet at church that afternoon.

He said: “My one eye was looking at David to see if he could see movement, the other eye was on the knife, it was a big knife.

“I, who had nothing but two hands, thought: I’m going to keep an eye on him.”

The witness said Ali also tried to justify his actions, which jurors previously heard had to do with the government’s Syrian bombing campaign.

King said: “It was all about Syria, the war in Iraq, the innocent people who died there, he wants to kill David, all the MPs who voted for the bombing.

“And he wanted to die. (He Said): I want to be shot.

“The rest was probably garbage.

“I said: Why do you want to die? You’re talking to your sister, how will she feel if you die?

“He said: I am going to be a martyr, I am going to die a hero.

“And I said, No, you’re just going to be dead, dude.”

King told police he eventually persuaded Ali to step aside so he could tend to Sir David, but he backed away the moment he heard police sirens.

He said: “I heard the sirens, I went back to the door, I saw the two boys in civilian clothes.

“They told me to go away, excuse my French.

“They ran in, they started fucking and blinding ‘put that damn knife down,’ and they finally came out with him.”

King added: “With nothing on me (weapons), I was just trying to calm him down.

“Then your guys showed up, problem solved.”

Ali, from Kentish Town in north London, denies plotting terror acts and murders.

The trial continues.

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