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The main accused poacher now testifies himself

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At the start of the trial in the Kaiserslautern District Court for the fatal shooting of two police officers from the Kusel district, the main defendant remained silent. Instead, he asked his lawyer to read a statement. Today, on the third day of the trial, Andreas S. himself commented on the night of the crime at the end of January. The magazine “Stern” reports meanwhile that the main defendant would have announced the shots.

Andreas S. describes in detail the events that took place on the district road near Ulmet in the district of Kusel on the night of the crime at the end of January. The policeman asked him to show his papers when suddenly shots rang out. Andreas S. then claims to have himself fired several shots in a hurry. He shouted several times, “Stop shooting! It was only later that he (Andreas S.) noticed that he had hit one of the two policemen. Andreas S. testified in the Kaiserslautern District Court on Tuesday that Florian V., also accused, was in the nearby meadow with a shotgun.

The main suspect sobs during his testimony

He (Andreas S.) didn’t exactly notice how the policeman was shot, says Andreas S. He just turned the van around and stopped it so his alleged accomplice Florian V. could enter. Then he heard a loud gunshot. He then got out and saw the co-accused standing in front of the police vehicle with a shotgun in his hand. When he realized there was a policewoman lying near the car, he (Andreas S.) signed himself.

The lawyers of Florian V., the second defendant, specify that he also wishes to testify himself. However, all witnesses and experts must be heard first. After that, according to the lawyer for the co-defendant, the situation should be so clear that no questions remain unanswered.

Third day of the trial: plans in place

Prior to the testimony of the main defendant, the court’s main concern was to understand the shots fired at the crime scene that night. Several residents of Erdesbach and Ulmet said they were awakened by the gunshots at the time of the crime. The judge presented them as “coup witnesses”.

Shots difficult to assign due to proximity to military training area

The court kept asking, after all, there was a Bundeswehr military training area in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene. “The shots are nothing out of the ordinary either, but the shots fired by the Bundeswehr operation were rapid fire, rather larger calibers,” said a witness who lives several hundred blocks away. meters from the crime scene. That winter night there were more shots.

A hard and strong blow at the end

He first heard a loud, violent gunshot. After a short pause, then several strong blows, always a few seconds in between. And then – less than ten minutes later – a final resounding gunshot. “It made me think,” said the witness. Questioned by the judge, he explains that he himself is a hunter and knows how to shoot: “It reminded me of a catch.” Hunters use catching fire to quickly and efficiently kill an animal that has already been shot.

Another 47-year-old witness said he slept with the window open and was also awakened by the gunshots. “It was like a battery of fireworks”, he describes the night of the crime and bangs his fist on the table: “Bum-Bum”. He then claims to have looked out the window and heard the words “stop”.


At the end of January, two police officers were killed near Kusel. On the second day of the trial in the Kaiserslautern District Court, the hearing of evidence began with the hearing of several witnesses.


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Gunshots are heard again in the courtroom

Medical examiners had assessed video camera footage of homes near the crime scene. A total of 23 shots were heard on these. These recordings were played in court on large loudspeakers. You could clearly hear an exchange of gunfire, different sequences of gunfire.

The magazine “Stern” reports exclusively from investigative files

Meanwhile, “Stern” magazine reports that Andreas S. allegedly announced the beatings. The “star” therefore refers to investigation files that the magazine was able to see exclusively. According to this, Andreas S. would have announced several times in the past that he would shoot if he was caught poaching. A longtime hunting friend of the prime suspect said he always had a shotgun with him. So that he could free himself if he was caught poaching. Other acquaintances of Andreas S. reported similar statements to the police.

The process in Kaiserslautern has been ongoing since last week

The main defendant has been in Kaiserslautern District Court since last week. He is accused of having shot dead two police officers on a secondary road near Ulmet in the district of Kusel at the end of January to conceal poaching.

Source www.swr.de

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