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The leadership is interested in educating future generations.

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State Attorney General Counselor Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi stated that UAE Children’s Day is a very important occasion where we see the UAE’s efforts to promote children’s rights, an embodiment of leadership vision and enthusiasm for nurturing future generations. , and qualify them to be good and active members of society, ready to deliver the banner of progress, prosperity and preservation. It is high and then passed on to subsequent generations.
Al Shamsi said, in a statement on the occasion of Emirati Children’s Day: “On this occasion, we remember the efforts of Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Union of Women, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, President Supreme Court of the “Mother of the Emirates” Family Development Foundation, and its leading role in the adoption and implementation of this initiative, which helped raise awareness and draw attention to children’s rights and motivate institutions government, private and civil society to play their role in the implementation of national plans and programs related to children.

He added: “The UAE Children’s Day celebration this year under the theme “Child’s Right to Health” embodies the enthusiasm of leaders to pay attention to children’s health to ensure their physical, mental and psychological, educational and social, in a way that qualifies them in the future to play the role they aspire to in the service of their country.”

The State Attorney General highlighted the importance of Federal Law No. (3) of 2016 on the Law of the Rights of the Child “Wadeema” and the controls it includes to guarantee the child’s right to health, life, survival and development, and to protect it from any manifestation of abandonment, exploitation, abuse and any physical and mental violence, affirmed the efforts of the State Public Ministry to promote the achievements that protect children and guarantee their rights, and their desire for the strict application of the laws enacted by the State, and the exercise of its active role in disseminating legal awareness among members of society of the legislation and laws that all persons dealing with children must comply with.

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