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The lack of rain accumulated in the hydrological year continues to increase and is 26% below normal

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The lack of cumulative precipitation in the hydrological year that began October 1, 2021 through June 21 continues to increase and is 26 percent below normal.

Specifically, during this period, an average value of 406 liters per square meter was measured throughout Spain, while the normal value for this period, according to the National Meteorological Agency (AEMET), is 545 liters per square meter.

In addition, it shows that between June 15 and June 21, the rains affected most of the peninsula, except for the south-west quadrant, the westernmost Canary Islands together with the island of Gran Canaria and the island of Mallorca.

In terms of quantities, it shows that 10 liters per square meter were exceeded on the Cantabrian coast and along the Pyrenees, throughout Galicia and in more remote areas of the Iberian system, Levant and north of Jaén.

Likewise, in the province of La Coruña, in the western half of Asturias and at times in the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees of Lleida, the 40 liters of accumulated rainfall were exceeded.

Of particular note are the rainfalls collected in the main observatories of Vigo-Peinador, with 43 liters per square meter; 42 liters per square meter in Santiago de Compostela-Labacolla; San Sebastián-Igueldo, 38 liters per square meter; in Pontevedra 34 liters per square meter; La Coruña, 30 liters per square meter and 27 liters per square meter in La Coruña-Alvedro.

In addition to the rainfall recorded in the current water balance, it rained on the 22nd in the western half of the peninsula and in the easternmost part of Catalonia.

Area-wise, it has seen below-average rainfall across much of the peninsula along with the Canary Archipelago, highlighting the western third of the peninsula, western half and southern coast of Andalusia, Catalonia, Guadalajara Province and the Canary Islands where the rainfall deficit exceeds 25 percent.

However, they exceed normal levels of rainfall in a strip of the Cantabrian coast that stretches from the eastern half of Asturias to Navarre, in the southern half of Aragon, in an area that includes the south-eastern half of Madrid and part of the provinces of Toledo and Cuenca, in the province of Albacete, northeast of Badajoz, in the north of the island

Mallorca, in the Pitiusas and especially in the East, ranging from Almería and Granada to the Ebro Valley, with areas between Almería, Murcia and Granada, and points on the coast of Valencia and Alicante where rainfall doubles the average values ​​​​of the reference period 1981- 2010

Source europapress.es

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