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The King and Queen oversee the la Caixa Foundation’s study abroad grants program for 120 university students



The king and queen this Wednesday chaired the “la Caixa” foundation’s postgraduate scholarships abroad, which were awarded to the 120 university students selected under the 2021 call, the foundation reported.

This is the 40th edition of the institution’s scholarship program, which aims to nurture the talent of the “most outstanding” students by expanding their education at “the best universities in the world”.

The event, held at CaixaForum Madrid, was also attended by Minister of Education and Training, Pilar Alegría; and the President of the La Caixa Foundation, Isidro Fainé.

“Improving education is the basis for everything, only in this way can a fairer society be built that guarantees the social well-being of everyone, without exclusion. For this reason, we have been promoting this scholarship program for 40 years, wherever we want, to give students and researchers with the greatest potential the opportunity to gain access to the best universities and research centers in the world,” noted Fainé.

Vânia de la Fuente-Núñez, responsible for the World Campaign Against Ageism of the World Health Organization (WHO), spoke on behalf of the group of former scholarship holders of the foundation: “This scholarship is much more than financial support to promote knowledge and to satisfy individual curiosity”.

The award of the postgraduate scholarship will take place again this year after two editions in which it had to be suspended due to the pandemic. However, the granting of grants did not stop during this period and in 2021 the program completes 40 editions of uninterrupted training and research funding.

Of the 120 scholarships awarded, 68 scholarships are intended for study in Europe and 52 scholarships for study in North America. The countries that attract the most scholarship recipients are the United States (47) and the United Kingdom (34).

In addition, the scholarship holders of the 2021 class come from 29 Spanish provinces, two from Portugal and five from other countries. The provinces of origin with the most scholarship holders are Barcelona (31), Madrid (29), Valencia (6), Guipúzcoa (4) and Girona (4).

The average age of the scholarship holders is 24.7 years (at the time of receiving the scholarship), including 71 men (59%) and 49 women (41%).

1,325 students applied for this edition of the Foundation for Postgraduate Studies Abroad Scholarships and 120 of them received scholarships which were awarded on a competitive basis.

The universities with the most scholarship holders are: Imperial College London (9), London School of Economics and Political Science (7), Columbia University (7), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (6), ETH Zurich (6), University of Oxford ( 5) and University of Cambridge (4).

Finally, the most strongly represented disciplines are engineering and technology (22), economics and business studies (9), international relations (7), natural sciences (6), medicine and health sciences (6), law (6) and music (6). .


Source europapress.es

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