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The keys to recognizing a good doctor

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A complete clinician who sees us and touches us with knowledge can already inform us of what is happening and what is wrongand this arouses our confidence in it, because it corresponds to the problem that we have already sensed and that we did not dare to recognize.

He also uses technical means to clarify the diagnosisand only dispenses with methods that, despite their aggressiveness or invasiveness, do not lead to better treatment.

According to the review BodySpirit“analysing, measuring and quantifying is therefore necessary to know the starting point of the treatment and to objectively evaluate the evolutionbeing one of the pillars on which correct medical practice rests”.

affinity with the patient

The other pillar will be the knowledge and understanding of the individual and subjective aspect of the disease, the personal history which led to the current drama.

“This something better which today is becoming rare, whatever the technique and which places it as an instrument at the level that corresponds to it, it is the human relationship between the person who suffers and the doctor who listens to him and who is ready to accompany him in the healing process to bring it to a successful conclusion”adds the aforementioned medium.

This relationship is healing in itself when it occurs correctly in all its elements and given enough time to generate..

The patient feels strange, different from others, he is afraid of what is happening to him, but si se siente escuchada y compredida sale de la soledad y el aislamiento a la que la enfermedad la ha llevado, experimenta confianza y seguridad y esto, que ya le hace sens mucho better, es un excelente comienzo para el recorrido que lleva de la enfermedad a health.


Source metroecuador.com

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