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The judge regulates the investigation of the alleged “Box b” of the Madrid PP without waiting for the report of “El Rata”.

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The trainer had given the former Mayadahonda mayor time to deal with his recent complaint


The National Supreme Court judge investigating whether the PP had its own “box b” in Madrid has finally closed, without waiting, the investigation into this separate part of the “Punic” plot that has former regional president Esperanza Aguirre as a defendant You until the former mayor of Majadahonda, Guillermo Ortega, aka “El Rata”, presents the report he is preparing from prison on the irregularities he denounced around the Puerta Toledo market.

The head of the Central Court No. 6, Manuel García Castellón, officially closed the investigation of this Article 9 on January 25, in line with what was proposed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. But he chose to give Ortega some more time to develop the alleged corruption pointed out in an initial letter.

It was in April 2021 that “El Rata” informed the National Court of “an alleged diversion of funds by the company Mercado de Puerta de Toledo”, which is dependent on the public company IMADE. He pointed to more than a dozen invoices issued between 2006 and 2009 for “apparently fictitious work” – registered as public relations, maintenance or painting – totaling €832,560.

These revelations prompted the judge to open a new piece, number 13, to separate this matter from number 9, but the criminal court agreed with the anti-corruption prosecutor and kept the alleged irregularities at the Puerta de Toledo market under investigation maintain alleged illegal funding of PP Madrid.

That criminal court decision came in late 2021, resulting in García Castellón giving Ortega that oxygen ball so he could make a full report. According to legal sources consulted, this accreditation work has encountered several obstacles, mainly due to the difficulty in obtaining certain documents from prison.

Ortega has not yet finalized his “dossier”, as this news outlet has learned, but he has exhausted the deadlines granted, without the researchers being willing to delay them further, since the continuation of this separate piece is not possible by the “will” of the former mayor, according to a June 22 ruling to which Europa Press had access.

The same sources indicate that the “El Rata” report was the final step before taking the next step in the process. In fact, in the above-mentioned resolution, García Castellón states that at this point it is “imminent” to proceed under one of the possibilities of Article 779 of the Criminal Procedure Code (LeCrim), ie file or move to the next procedural stage.


La 9 is the most important piece of “Púnica” because García Castellón is trying to determine if there was a “box b” in the Madrid PP that was used to pay for the 2007, 2008 and 2011 election campaigns.

The investigation began in 2014 after the discovery of an agenda by his former secretary-general, Francisco Granados, considered the “ringleader” of the “Púnica,” which read some acronyms that would correspond to financiers, along with some amounts of money.

The first “Operation Punic” coup that same year arrested more than 50 people, including politicians, civil servants and businessmen, as members of a corruption network that would have awarded public contracts worth at least €250 million since 2012 in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

On the one hand, political and administrative officials “fingered” the awards, and on the other hand, the businessmen who benefited paid them illegal commissions that the court report laundered through a corporate network.

Then-National Court Judge Eloy Velasco investigated the entire matter until he decided in 2015 to slice the case up to deal with the differentiated criminal acts he observed.

Source europapress.es

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