Marin Eugen Sabau, during the attack on the Securitas headquarters in Tarragona. 14-12-21

A court in Tarragona has stopped prisoner Eugen Sabau’s July 28 euthanasia plan just two weeks after the request was given the green light. In a resolution approved by EL PAÍS, the judge has agreed to “stop the entire euthanasia process” while waiting for the Tarragona court to rule on the appeal of a Mossos d’Esquadra agent who was wounded during the shooting of Sabau, since then known as the “Archer of Tarragona”.

Sabau’s euthanasia process has progressed at an unusual rate. In a letter sent to the court, the director of the Terrassa prison hospital, where he had been a precautionary prisoner since December 14 when he was seriously injured by the Mossos, said that the Guarantee Council had already “taken a positive decision “ I made sense” of the use of euthanasia for Sabau, who suffers from a spinal cord injury. In the same letter, the director emphasizes that the doctor treating Sabau is the only one who has access to the decision of the Guarantee Council and that she is in the He adds that the date both the doctor and inmate chose to request euthanasia is July 28, a date now postponed with the court ruling.

On July 6, the head of the Investigatory Court No. 5 of Tarragona, Sònia Zapater, gave the green light to Sabau’s euthanasia, arguing that the euthanasia law never provided for the intervention of the investigating magistrates. In the face of the prosecution’s allegations and the allegation of the wounded Mossos agent, the judge assured that the fundamental right to self-determination in any case takes precedence over the right to effective judicial protection (of, inter alia, victims of crime).

The Mosso’s defense, represented by the USPAC union and attorney José Antonio Bitos, had already asked the judge to stop the euthanasia while awaiting the decision of the appeals process in the Tarragona Court. The magistrate refused. But now he is on vacation and his deputy in court, Jesús María del Cacho, has decided to paralyze the process, knowing that the date for euthanasia is imminent.

The events that led Sabau to take the initiative and ask for euthanasia happened on December 14, 2021. The man went to the Securitas headquarters in Tarragona, where he had been working as a security guard. He wanted revenge on his bosses, whom he accused of abusing him at work. He complied with a long gun and shot several workers and company officials. Three of them were injured.

Sabau then began to flee, wounding a moss -who is now prosecuting- and barricaded himself in a farmhouse until he was shot by Catalan police. He was arrested and admitted to Terrassa Prison Hospital on charges of attempted murder, assault on authority and illegal possession of weapons.

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The former security guard initiated procedures to request euthanasia from prison and received confirmation from the hospital director, who informed the court on June 16. The man meets “the requirements to undergo this procedure,” according to the medical team.

Sabau appeared before the magistrate a few days ago to testify on the facts and briefly outlined the reasons that led to his decision. “I am paraplegic. I have 45 points in hand. I can’t move my left arm well. I have screws and I don’t feel my chest,” said Sabau, who is 46.

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