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The institutions of the Global Public Health Network presented the progress of the drug supply plan

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In the context of the health emergency, the main direction of the Health Sector Cabinet is to coordinate inter-institutional actions for the formulation and implementation of public policies. For this, the work of the health subsystems has been articulated in order to obtain the necessary supplies and supplies to ensure timely and quality health care, said the Vice President of the Republic, Alfredo Borrero, once the second cabinet with the participation of observers.

In accordance with Presidential Decree 484, issued by the Director General, Guillermo Lasso, Dr. Alfredo Borrero Vega indicated that among the main actions implemented by the Global Public Health Network are: the supply strategy for closed drugs and the planning of the purchase of drugs in the subsystems.

The Secretary General of Public Administration, Iván Correa, said that from the first week of August, the entire emergency process within the MSP must conclude and continue with the deployment of medicines, through all its medical units.

Within the framework of the Close Drug Supply Strategy, 2,103 prescriptions have been prescribed to be dispensed in private pharmacies, of which 855 are drugs dispensed for three months for chronic pathologies, explained the Minister of Public Health, Dr Jose Ruales.

Regarding the adjudication of drugs, since July 20, there have been 125 resolutions for the adjudication of drugs that will be delivered between July 22 and August 10 in response to the health emergency declaration.

Regarding the supply of medicines, the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) presented today its plan for the supply of medicines, through the reverse auction and electronic catalog methods. Alfredo Ortega Maldonado, main representative of the President of the Republic on the board of directors of this entity, stressed that they are working to comply with the planning presented for the acquisition of medicines.

Meanwhile, the National Police Social Security Institute (ISSPOL) reached a supply percentage of 50% in Quito and 60.3% in Guayaquil. Until the end of the emergency, it is planned to increase the supply to 95%.

To date, the Chairman of the Health Sector Cabinet has confirmed that 783 purchase orders are being fulfilled through an electronic catalog, which will allow for an eight month supply. The Health Sector Cabinet will be held in different provinces of the country according to the established agenda.


Source metroecuador.com

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