The influence of the flower on International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 each year as a day when people honor the women in their lives. On March 8, many people follow the custom of giving flowers in addition to their purchases at women-run businesses and take advantage of the day to donate money or resources to organizations that support women throughout the year.

Read on to learn more about the origins of International Women’s Day, this year’s themes and goals, and the importance of flowers in celebrations.

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a global holiday recognized by the United Nations with the dual purpose of recognizing the services that women have rendered to society and drawing attention to social problems that still need to be resolved to achieve gender equality. Although each year has an official theme, many people use it as a day to honor all the women who have impacted their lives by international women’s day quotescompassionate comments and more on International Women’s Day.

What is the theme for 2023?

The theme for 2023, which will focus on embracing equality in all its manifestations, is Embrace Equity, according to the official International Women’s Day website. This includes debunking gender stereotypes, denouncing prejudice, denouncing discrimination, and promoting inclusion.

International Women’s Day 2023 United Nations Theme

Participants are encouraged to post images on social media using the #EmbraceEquity hashtag to show how they embrace equality.

Why send flowers on International Women’s Day?

First of all, if the woman you want to honor on International Women’s Day likes flowers, no further explanation is necessary. While flowers aren’t usually her first choice as a gift, it’s important to consider the positive impact a bouquet can have when expressing gratitude or brightening someone’s day.

According to a Rutgers University study, receiving flowers as a gift leads the recipient to exhibit significant and rapid positive affective behavior. This finding suggests that receiving flowers is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make someone’s day extra special. Furthermore, the same results showed that the respondents also experienced an improved mood over the following days.

send fresh International Women’s Day flowers to the special women in your life on this prestigious day

Why send flowers on International Women's Day

What do the flowers represent?

International Women’s Day has a long history, dating back more than a century to the early celebration of the day in Europe and the Americas. NPR notes that the mimosa flower on Women’s Day in Italy was not chosen until March 8, 1946 as a symbol of power, sensitivity, and empathy.

Women and men have given flowers throughout the years to honor the powerful women in their lives. Although the mimosa flower has a special meaning, other flowers are also featured.

Selection of flowers for International Women’s Day


One of the flowers that symbolizes International Women’s Day is the mimosa (especially in Italy). It is an uplifting and happy flower to share with someone special due to its bright yellow hue and spreading, wavy blooms.

mimosa for international women's day
mimosa for international women’s day


Roses are not only among the best flowers to give to someone special for any occasion, but they are also an excellent flower to send on March 8. This is because they are especially popular gifts for women in countries like Russia, where International Women’s Day is a public holiday.


Another popular flower to display in Russia is this beautiful spring flower that is both colorful and exquisite in shape. Tulips are stunning at any time of the year and look great in a bouquet.


Capturing the essence of femininity, lilies are a beautiful and deliciously scented option for Women’s Day. Sure to be a hit on the big day, lilies symbolize many aspects of a woman, including motherhood, beauty, and passion.


Flowers that are cheerful and bold like gerberas enliven a room. They are wonderful gifts on International Women’s Day, as they represent affection and the “sun of life”.

Selection of flowers for International Women's Day
Selection of flowers for International Women’s Day


The highly prized orchids are known for their distinctive perianth and are among the hardiest of flowering plants. The exotic beauty, sophistication and majestic femininity that orchids imply. Against this backdrop, these plants exude admiration for a woman’s virtuosity and timeless grace.


Peonies represent grace, sensitivity and passion for the delicate woman. A flower that only blooms in spring, peonies represent wealth, new beginnings, happiness, and dignity. Flowers are the ideal definition of love for your evolving relationships with the important ladies in your life, as they often convey beauty better than words.

Whether you decide to send flowers or not, celebrate March 8 with something unique to let the crucial women in your life know how important they are to you.

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