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The inflatable boat, light, stable and with removable oars, in which to have fun on the waves


Are you looking for an inflatable boat with guarantees? We have found one of the bestsellers on the Amazon platform.

One of the accessories that most play on the water during the summer holidays are the so-called inflatable boats. There are many models and materials, but in THE COUNTRY SHOW WINDOW We looked for the most suitable Recreational water sports, like rowing in lakes, navigating calmly in reservoirs or alone for more pleasure in the waves of the sea. That’s what we decided the inflatable boat with the most reviews on Amazonis among the most popular in its category.

It is a product of specialized brand Intex. This company with several offices in Spain pays special attention to the technical parts of its articles. An essential fact as far as water items are concerned that give this boat the TÜV GS seal of approval Y Compliance with ISO 6185 regulations. because in water safety first.

Among the features that users appreciate the most we find a increased comfort, good props and a very interesting value for money. Also his 4,000 reviews and a high average grade complete a boat warranties. “We tried it in the sea and had a lot of fun”, get one of these.

Strong, light and suitable for two adults or several children

Within the extensive catalog of the Intex brand, the Dinghy Challenger 2 is part of the series To play, which promises a lot of fun with high-quality materials: like its vinyl surfaces; equal parts stable and robust component. And best of all: without sacrificing sufficient maneuverability due to its low weight (weighing only 2.2 kg).

“Overall good product. Resistant materials. Ideal for two adults or one adult with two children”, highlights a second user. A dinghy in which to have fun with family or friends thanks to its dimensions: 236 x 114 x 41 centimetres. Easily carry up to 200 kg.

“We tried different types of mats and some got punctured for very short periods of time, but with this boat we had no problems even with daily use and it still has no punctures,” A third user congratulates.

Repair kit, foot pump and removable oars

If we focus on the small details, the Dinghy Challenger 2 It has several of them that increase comfort. For example yours bow handle, placed in this place to be transported in its train; a guy rope which surrounds the whole boat and which we can hold on to when the sea is rough; in addition to both detachable and light oars.

Each of them measures 122 centimeters, They match the rest of the color of the boatwho has one good buoyancy Thank you to yours three air chambers plus one additional, attached to the main hull. Without forgetting that four lateral supports that matters and where you can lean on the oars without worrying about losing them along the way.

Fantastic! We tried it with five kids on the beach and they had a great time. In addition, since it comes with a rope, it serves to hold it. It is very useful that it comes with an inflator since you can easily take it with you in the car. assures Marta without any doubt. Don’t think about it anymore and liven up your summer plans with this inflatable boat, now for only 64.95 euros.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of 07/22/2022.

[Recuerda que si eres usuario de Amazon Prime, todas las compras tienen gastos de envío gratuitos. Amazon ofrece un período de prueba gratuito y sin compromiso durante 30 días.]

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