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The industrial union BAU calls for “turbo gear” in social housing

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Federal Construction Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) presented her budget for 2022 on Tuesday: the industrial union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG BAU) called for a “turbo gear” in the construction of social housing in view of a significantly immigration major and “huge” magnifications. in construction costs. By the end of November, 315,000 people had already emigrated; currently there are also refugees from Ukraine. “We have to offer these people a new home,” said union leader Robert Feiger.

Minister Geywitz has a key role to play, especially in the current situation. “But he must also be able to build,” Feiger explained. Therefore, Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) must create a financial reserve, especially for social housing. “When the subsidies now provided for the construction of social housing run out, there must be a replenishment,” demanded the union chief.

In the budget project and in the key figures of the financial planning until 2026, 14,500 million euros are allocated to social housing, of which two billion for this year. As a whole, the budget of the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Construction for 2022 includes almost 4,900 million euros.

The government wants to build 400,000 new houses every year, 100,000 of them in social housing. Geywitz told the Bundestag that it was “a big effort for the federal government, but also for the states.” He announced the start of an affordable housing alliance for April; She wants to involve the federal states, the construction industry, tenant representatives, environmental organizations and also the government commissioner for people with disabilities.

IG Bau called it “crucial” that the federal states agree on social housing. Because they would have to cofinance the federal funds one by one.


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