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“The incredibly smart person in the world”: Hans Sigl likes pricing programs


“The incredibly smart person in the world”
“Fate, coincidence, fate…” – Hans Sigl looks forward to his job as moderator

Jana Azizi, Hans Sigl (center) and Pierre M. Krause moderate “The Incredibly Smart Person in the World”.

© RTL/Markus Hertrich

With “The incredibly intelligent person in the world”, Hans Sigl hosts his own show. In an interview, he reveals details about the new quiz format.

From August 1, 53-year-old actor Hans Sigl will start his first show: “The incredibly smart person in the world” (four times a week, Monday to Thursday, from 11:20 p.m., also on RTL+). In the quiz format, the native Austrian has celebrities from different regions as guests. The show will be a mix of quiz and discussion. Jana Azizi, 33, and Pierre M. Krause, 45, stand alongside the actor.

‘The World’s Incredibly Smart Person’: Stars Face Tricky Questions and Campaigns

There is no simple principle of questions and answers. Celebrities are interviewed on the show by industry colleagues, judged in action rounds, and stars talk about private details. Three of them will sit in the council chairs per episode. The top two celebrities qualify for one round and face new competition the next day. In the eleventh edition, the semi-finals are approaching, in the final twelfth episode, the “incredibly smartest” will be chosen.

Hans Sigl’s first show

That’s exactly what draws presenter Hans Sigl about the show, as he reveals in the news agency’s spot on the news. “In any case, I was immediately enthusiastic about the format because it is not only a game show, but also debates and humor.” This is Hans Sigl’s first broadcast on German television – and subsequently also a game show. Why this? “Destiny, coincidence, destiny… but above all, great joy,” he says. He copied something from other moderators but nothing, as he says. You must “own every moderation”.

But as a quiz moderator, does he also have fun guessing? Definitive! The Austrian used to say “Who am I?” look at. But the actor was also impressed by another show: “I’m a fan of ‘Who knows that?’, maybe because I’ve already won the XXL version there”, he reveals and appreciates his chances. , too, to score in his show, good. He would simply love games in this form “because it’s about making matches and thinking outside the box.”

This is what viewers can expect from ‘The Incredibly Smart Person in the World’

Hans Sigl’s advice for his participants? Either way, you can’t prepare yourself, he says. “You have to be there, you have to be fast and anticipate. You have to be fast, agile and always present.” The key word: stay vigilant.

“The Incredibly Smart Person in the World” is currently one of many quiz shows starting on German television. There are quite a few revivals of new and old guessing shows. Fascination ? “Viewers can guess, they can smile when someone is wrong. And quiz shows are always informative,” the actor explains. Her show was also fun and the contestant-focused discussion made the show special.

These stars are there

Sigl promises “exciting guests, who of course also show many sides of themselves during the show”. Among others, star violinist David Garrett, 41, athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt, 41, presenter Thomas Hermanns, 59, former football professional Rúrik Gíslason, 34, presenter Wolfram Kons, 58, comedian Oliver Kalkofe, 56, and dog trainer Martin Rütter, 52.

Who would Sigl personally want to be there? “I could think of a lot of things, if there is a second season we can talk about it.”

“The incredibly intelligent person in the world” is to be discovered from August 1 for 12 episodes on RTL.

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