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The incidence increases again: RKI registers 92,314 new infections

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Hong Kong ends Covid zero strategy and relaxes

The zero covid strategy has failed in China’s hard-hit Hong Kong special administrative region. Government adviser and Hong Kong University (HKU) professor Yuen Kwok-yung estimated the number of infected at around 2.5 out of 7.5 million people, the South China Morning Post reported. He does not expect that the virus can be eliminated.

Despite the high number of infections, the Hong Kong government sees the peak of the wave passed and has announced that it will decrease. The length of quarantine for incoming travelers will be reduced from 14 days to 7 days from April 1. Planes from nine countries, including Great Britain, France and the USA, will be able to land again in the Asian economic and financial metropolis.

Meanwhile, in China, several million people are in lockdown and cities have imposed full or partial curfews. Among other things, metropolises such as Changchun, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tangshan, near Beijing, are affected. Multiple dough tests were carried out. According to the Health Commission, more than 4,300 local infections and asymptomatic cases were identified nationwide on Sunday. (dpa)

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