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Friday, February 3, 2023

The Ibex 35 is moderating its rise to 0.4% mid-session after hitting 8,200 integers



The Ibex 35 moderated its rise to 0.43% in this Thursday’s average session, causing it to stand at 8,177.2 integers after registering a 0.88% rise that caused it to reached the 8,200 integer level around 09:30 today.

Investors are awaiting the Bank of England meeting this Thursday, which is expected to see interest rates rise 50 basis points to 1.75%, according to Renta 4 analysts. Experts also note that the meeting will take place a day after the Central Bank of Australia decided to raise interest rates by 50 points to 1.85%.

In Spain, the Treasury placed 5,149 million euros in government bonds in the expected mid-range at the first auction in August, and did so by paying investors for three of the four references auctioned, albeit at lower interest rates, according to those published by the Bank of Spain published data.

Investors have kept their appetite for Spanish debt as combined demand for the four references auctioned this Thursday has topped €8,963 million, nearly double what was eventually awarded on the markets.

In this scenario, the biggest mid-session gains were from Solaria (+3.79%), Fluidra (+3.19%), Grifols (+2.24%), BBVA (+2.00%), Inditex (+1.50%), Banco Santander (+1.44%), Repsol (+1.34%) and Meliá (+1.30%).

On the other hand, Merlin Properties (-7.85%), although today its shares are listed without the right to receive a dividend (“ex-dividend”), Indra (-4.53%), Acciona Energía (-3.80%) , Acciona (-1.99%), Naturgy (-1.83%), Aena (-0.97%), Telefónica (-0.61%) and Red Eléctrica (-0.45%).

The rest of the European stock markets traded for gains of 0.94% in Frankfurt and 0.80% in Milan and 0.73% in Paris. Only London fell 0.04%.

Likewise, the price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the old continent, stood at $97.34, up 0.58%, while Texas stood at $91.53, after falling by 0. 96% was up.

Finally, the euro was trading at 1.0190 “greenbacks” against the dollar, while the risk premium was 110 basis points and the yield on the 10-year Spanish bond was 1.947%.


Source europapress.es

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