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The Ibex 35 gains 0.2% mid-session to hit 8,370 integers



The Ibex 35 saw a mid-session revaluation of 0.24%, causing it to stand at 8,373.2 integers after learning that the IPC in the United States fell to 8.5% last July. had declined, which could indicate that inflation has already peaked in the North American country.

US core inflation was 5.9% in July, which would suggest that the fall in inflation is “focused on the easing of the most volatile components such as fuels and food” and that this could therefore indicate domestic demand in the United States “remains strong,” stress the analysts at Renta 4.

“The country’s economy may be able to withstand the monetary authority’s rate-hike plans without having to enter a recession,” add the analysts, who comment that the ceiling that US inflation could reach has markets like expected “spurred” have eased rate hikes for the coming months.

Experts are also emphasizing the slowdown in chip demand and its transmission to the global economy, after South Korea recorded a slowdown in exports of technological material for the first time in two years.

It also marks the end of Chinese military maneuvers around the island of Taiwan, despite threats that exercises could be held more frequently after United States House of Representatives President Nancy Pelosi decided to visit the island of China as one of its provinces and therefore not independent.

The largest increases in the Ibex 35 were achieved by Cellnex (+2.65%), Repsol (+1.39%), Grifols (+1.17%), Solaria (+0.85%) and Inditex (+0.63). %). On the other side were Amadeus (-2.33%), IAG (-0.98%), Acerinox (-0.79%) and Bankinter (-0.59%).

The rest of European equity markets showed mixed behavior with declines of 0.12% in London and 0.06% in Frankfurt, while Paris flat and Milan gained 0.42%.

Likewise, the price of a barrel of Brent oil, a reference for the old continent, was $98.44, up 1.07%, while Texas stood at $92.97, up 1.13 %.

Finally, the euro was priced at 1.0334 greenbacks against the dollar, while the risk premium was 108 basis points and the yield on the 10-year Spanish bond was 1.992%.


Source europapress.es

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