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“The hot spots are covered with corpses of Russian soldiers”

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy sent a video message to the people of Russia with drastic words about Russia’s heavy war losses. “At the focal points of particularly heavy fighting, our defense lines are practically overwhelmed by the bodies of Russian soldiers,” Zelenskyj said Sunday night.

“And these bodies, these bodies are not being recovered by anyone,” he continued. “And they’re chasing new units on them, whatever reserves Russian commanders are building up somewhere.”

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You can understand that Russia has almost endless reserves of soldiers and military equipment, Zelenskyj said. “But I would like to know from the citizens of Russia: what has been done to them in those years that they did not notice their losses?” So far, more than 14,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. “There are 14,000 mothers, 14,000 fathers, wives, children, relatives, friends, and don’t you realize it?”

The Ukrainian account of the Russian soldiers killed cannot be independently verified, as can that of its own military losses, which the state leadership estimated at around 1,300 soldiers about a week ago. So far, the Russian side has officially confirmed just under 500 casualties in the ranks of its own army. (dpa)

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