Claus Kleber
The “heute-journal” desk is not missing

Claus Kleber ran the “heute-journal” for almost 20 years.

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Claus Kleber worked for the “heute-journal” for almost 20 years. “I don’t miss the time spent in the studio behind the desk,” he says.

Claus Kleber (66) left his job at the “heute-journal” at the end of last year – and apparently also his connections, as he tells the newspaper “Bild”. “Discussions about ties have always been superfluous. They are stored away,” explains the longtime presenter.

Kleber worked for ZDF’s “heute-journal” for almost 20 years. “The phantom pain hasn’t started yet,” the 66-year-old says of his departure. “I don’t miss the time in the studio behind the desk. But I do miss the trappings and working with my colleagues and looking at it from the other side.” However, “half the time”, his life has “hardly changed”: because “I used to have one week off out of two”, explains Kléber.

Back to ZDF – and now again “a few months off”

Claus Kleber is not quite retired: Tuesday July 19, he celebrated his big return to the broadcaster in the documentary “Utopia – Irre Visionen in Silicon Valley”. Tesla boss Elon Musk (51) could not be won over for an interview in the film. “I wrote him e-mails. He read them. We received no response,” Kleber explains. “Some people in these spheres are hard to reach through journalism. With 100 million followers, a man like Musk no longer needs the media.”

Today, however, Kleber is taking “a little rest for a few months”. The longtime presenter “makes time for things that have also been somewhat lacking in recent years” – according to the newspaper “Bild”, his family and friends.


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