According to preliminary data, the thermal anomaly was 4.2 °C, the maximum in the series


The heat wave that the country experienced between July 9 and 18, 2022 was the third in duration and extent on record, according to preliminary data, as “it could increase this figure” and “for the time being” it will be could be one of the biggest anomalies, according to State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) spokeswoman Bea Hervella.

Due to the situation of the last few days, AEMET has presented a preliminary and preliminary study that attempts to assess and quantify the recent heat wave in the country.

As Hervella explained, the study is “still preliminary” because “more stations need to be included in the analysis to be able to officially close” and also “two heat waves separated by one day are considered as a single heat wave.” . At this point he specified that the wave was closed last Monday, on Tuesday “the conditions were not met”, but this Wednesday “it is still within this event horizon that prevents any analysis from being definitively closed”.

Considering the preliminary nature of the data, the study points out that the heatwave in the peninsular and Balearic Islands started on July 9 and lasted at least until July 18, “waiting for what happens today”.

“This assumes a tentative duration of at least 10 days and is tentatively the third longest in a ranking, led by the July 2015 wave at 26 days and the August 2003 wave at 16 days,” the spokeswoman said, adding that “we’re waiting have to do if the account is finally increased”.

The average anomaly, the study adds, is also very high, at 4.2°C the maximum in the series so far. “But once again we have to emphasize that this is a preliminary figure,” Hervella emphasized.

The warmest day was July 14 and the day with the most affected provinces was July 15 with 36, “which would make it the third largest wave, level with three others,” specified the spokeswoman, who emphasized that “very likely is that this number will increase”.

In the case of the Canary Islands, the data can already be considered definitive, since the heat wave in the archipelago lasted between July 9th and 11th. It affected the two provinces and the hottest day was July 10 with a maximum temperature of 37.6C, an average anomaly of 5.6C, making it a “remarkable heatwave in terms of intensity”.

“The anomaly may seem high and significant, but there are many references with higher numbers, such as June 2012 with an anomaly of 7.1°C or July 2004 with an anomaly of 6.9°C. Regarding the maximum temperature of the surpassed the 39°C reached again in June 2012,” he explained.


On the other hand, according to eltiempo.es, this first part of the heat wave left more than 110 new records nationwide. Currently, average temperature anomalies exceed 2°C and occasionally even 3°C in very large areas of the country.

Since the start of this wave on July 9, the hardest-hit area has been the western peninsula, a region hit by a prolonged drought.

During the peak of this wave, between Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th, all-time highs and lows were recorded. For example, on the 14th, the Zamora station recorded a maximum temperature of 41.8ºC, which means that its previous absolute maximum (July 24, 1995) was exceeded by 0.8ºC. In addition, the station had 6 consecutive days with temperatures above 40°C, which means that in 2022 alone there are already more days with these values ​​than in the sum of all previous years.

Other outstanding data are León-Virgen del Camino, Burgos Airport or Puerto de Navacerrada, which at 33.4 °C exceeded its previous historical maximum by more than 1 °C.

The records were also protagonists during the nights and could be extended in numerous points of Spanish geography, with temperatures not falling below 20ºC for more than six consecutive nights. Among the highest lows is Plasencia’s 28.7°C, the new all-time record.

Records for warm nights have been set across the country, particularly pronounced in the northern plateau. León, for example, registered a minimum of 24.5ºC and in Segovia they did not drop below 25ºC for four consecutive nights, with a higher minimum of 27.4ºC.

Source europapress.es

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