The second heat wave of the season is almost history. In theory. In practice, the thermometers registered only a slight drop in temperature in the last 24 hours. This Wednesday they will rise again until the start of a so-called continuous wave that will accompany the people of Madrid until the end of the summer. Everyday activities such as sleeping, working, moving around town or shopping have become high-risk activities. However, the heat is passing through neighborhoods and through pockets, according to measurements this newspaper took throughout Tuesday of indoor areas across the city.

Isabel Herizo (70 years old) lives at 1 Calle del General Díaz Porlier, in the heart of the Salamanca district. She never had trouble falling asleep during the heat wave. “It’s an old apartment with thick walls and very good ventilation,” he explains at the door of his house. She has just returned from shopping and the house is in darkness because she drew the curtains to block out the sun before leaving. After he has put the bags on the floor, he first goes to the climate thermostat, which turns up to 25°. “It’s fine at night, but needs a boost during the day,” he says.

On the other side of town, Julián Rosado (93) has it much worse. “It’s the same temperature in here as it is on the street,” he says as he opens the door of his home in Entrevías, in the Puente de Vallecas district. The thermometer reads 34 degrees, and Rosado and his wife only have a couple of fans to exhaust the hot air that fills the room. “Sleep is complicated,” he admits. “In the afternoon my children come and we are all in the same room.”

The temperature inside a house is falling in Entrevías, measured inside recently.Clara Brascia

After a night of sweat soaking the sheets, there are those who find salvation in the workplace air conditioner. This is the case of the toilets of the health center on Calle de Segovia in the Centro district, which serve patients in a cozy waiting room at 27º. The workers at El Corte Inglés in the Plaza de Callao also have it easy. In the shopping center, which becomes a climate refuge during heat waves, the thermometer shows the same temperature. Whether you buy some shoes, look at the prices smartphone So that you don’t end up shopping, shopping at the supermarket or having a beer on the terrace overlooking Gran Vía, the place doesn’t lack customers on hot days.

María Gutierrez, 37, wasn’t quite as lucky when she decided to shop at a supermarket on Calle de Toledo. “How awful! How come people don’t faint?” she screams excitedly down the hallways where the thermometer reads 32 degrees. “We’ve had a broken air conditioner for a month. I pray they fix it ‘ explains a worker refilling sweat-soaked energy drinks.

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You don’t have to work on the street or deal with a ventilation system failure to have a bad time. Álvaro Solanas, 38, repairs cars at a workshop in the industrial area of ​​the Ciudad Lineal district. The roof is made of corrugated iron and the place quickly turns into a greenhouse. By midday it’s already 32 degrees – four warmer than outside – although Solanas says it’s worst in the final hours of work. “At four o’clock in the afternoon we have to turn off the fans because hot air comes out. Last week we hit 38.5 degrees, dammit,” he recalls.

There are few places where it is possible to find a snack without having to pay a single euro. If you can manage to endure the wait for the tills – 30º in the shade of the umbrellas – the Prado Museum is an ideal getaway. Free for students and the unemployed, and from 6 p.m. the thermometers in the aisles read 28º. Although not particularly busy, there was not a single bench left in the museum gallery on Tuesday and not all visitors seemed particularly interested in Rubens’ work. “Of course we use the coolness to rest,” explains a 45-year-old German.

In the Prado Museum the temperature reached 28º.
In the Prado Museum the temperature reached 28º.Clara Brascia

Old and stone does not always mean fresh. The Church of San Martín de Tours, next to the Plaza de la Luna in Malasaña, in Centro, has a 300-year history and is the 31st, although it was two degrees cooler on the street. A family of French tourists held out for four minutes before turning and exiting through the same door they had come through. Next stop: El Corte Ingles.

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