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The “Group of Twenty” .. US and Western efforts to exclude Russia

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The United States and its allies are considering excluding Russia from the Group of Twenty major economies following the military operation in Ukraine.

A participant in the discussions told Reuters that the possibility that other countries in the group, including China, India, Saudi Arabia and others, would reject any attempt to exclude Russia made it more likely that some members would not attend meetings of this anus.

The G-20, along with the smaller Group of Seven, which includes just the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and Britain, is a key international forum for coordinating everything from action against change climate to cross-border debt.

Russia is facing a torrent of international sanctions led by Western countries with the aim of isolating it from the global economy, including in particular its exclusion from the global banking system (SWIFT) and the restriction of its transactions at the central bank.

“There have been discussions about whether it is appropriate for Russia to be part of the G20, if Russia remains a member it will become a less useful organization,” a senior G7 source said.

Asked if US President Joe Biden would take action to remove Russia from the G-20 when he meets with his allies in Brussels this week, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said: “We believe that things cannot be business as usual for Russia… in international institutions and in “international” society.

However, he said the United States plans to consult with allies before making any further statements.

In another context, a source from the European Union confirmed that the situation in Russia will be discussed at the next meetings of the Group of Twenty, currently chaired by Indonesia.

“It has been made clear to Indonesia that Russia’s presence at the upcoming ministerial meetings will be a big problem for European countries,” the source said, adding that there was no clear process for excluding a country.

The G7 expanded into the Group of Eight after Russia’s annexation during a thaw in the early 2000s, but Moscow’s membership was suspended indefinitely after its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Poland said on Tuesday that it had proposed to US trade officials that it replace Russia in the G20 and that the proposal had received a “positive response”.

A US Commerce Department spokesman said there was a “good meeting” last week between Poland’s Minister of Economic Development and Technology Piotr Nowak and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

But he added: “Raimondo welcomed Poland’s views on a number of issues, including the work of the G20, but did not express a position on behalf of the US government regarding Poland’s G20 proposal.”

The G7 source said Indonesia or members such as India, Brazil, South Africa and China were unlikely to agree to exclude Russia from the group.

The source added that if the G7 countries do not participate in the G20 meetings this year, it may be a strong signal to India, which has angered Western countries for not condemning the Russian invasion and supporting Western measures against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the calls to exclude Russia.

On Monday, Central Bank Deputy Governor Dhodi Budi Walyu said Indonesia’s position had always been neutral, but pointed to the risks of divisions on the issue and said he would use his leadership at the G20 to try to resolve any issues.

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