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The Gray Man: Netflix is ​​now showing the action-thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans

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July 22, 2022 at 9:15 a.m.

The Gray Man is a celebrity action-thriller available now on Netflix. Old acquaintances from the Marvel set once again worked together for the film.

Ryan Gosling is hunted down by Chris Evans in the spy thriller The Gray Man. (Source: Paul Abell/Netflix)

  • The action-thriller The Gray Man hits Netflix on July 22, 2022.
  • Ryan Gosling (“Drive”) and Chris Evans (“Captain America”) star.
  • The film was directed by “Avengers” directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

Barely in theaters, already on Netflix: Action agent ‘The Gray Man’ starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans has already arrived on the streaming service a week after its screen launch, which is also on origin of the production of the blockbuster. The action movie has a top-notch cast and is very expensive – and therefore calls for many comparisons with classics of the genre.

Ryan Gosling’s CIA agent, who goes from being a licensed professional killer to being hunted down, is also reminiscent of Keanu Reeves in the ‘John Wick’ series – and last but not least Matt Damon in his legendary role as Jason Bourne . Borrowings from “Mission Impossible” starring Tom Cruise and multi-faceted agent legend James Bond have already been brought into play by critics.

The fast-paced action-thriller also marks the reunion of old acquaintances from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Russo brothers Anthony and Joe, who previously worked with Chris Evans on the “Avengers” series, directed the film. The latter portrayed a superhero with Captain America – in ‘The Gray Man’ he stalks Ryan Gosling as a psychopathic hitman.

If you want to know if “The Gray Man” is in fact a successful new attack on the veteran spy action genre, the best thing to do is read our review of the film.

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