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The government measure used by Patricia Bullrich and her request for “those who cut the routes every day”

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Patricia Bullrich

After it became known that at least two of those detained for the attacks on Congress last Thursday received the social plan Empower Work and were discharged, Patricia Bullrich encouraged the Government to do the same with “to those who cut the routes every day”.

The head of Prophecy congratulated the Minister of Social Development, John Zabaleta, who communicated the cancellation of the benefit to one of the arrested. “It’s very good that they get the plan out of him!” celebrated Bullrich, who also invited the portfolio to take the same measure with the picketers: “Now go ahead and get it out of those who block the routes every day. Unless it is a modern concept of what it is to work”.

Professor Patricia Bullrichó that they take away the social planes from those who "they cut the routes"

Patricia Bullrich tweeted that they take the social planes out of those who “cut the routes”

Patricia Bullrich tweeted that they take the social planes out of those who “cut the routes”

In this sense, he stated that the government of Alberto Fernández takes advantage of those who receive economic aid from the State through a social plan. “For years they have been used as a shock force, as modern slaves of organizations that exploit them and take money from them, as hostages, as inhabitants without the right to work —because they lose the plan— and as subjects of the leading owners who choose who gets paid. And who doesn’t? Bullrich said.

In his tweet, the leader of Together for Change shared the message on the subject that the head of Social Development had published a few hours ago. “We learned that one of those detained for the attack on Cristina Kirchner’s office had been a beneficiary of Enhance Work since November 2018. We have already discharged him. Argentine society helps them so that they can work, not so that they attack the vice president,” Zabaleta wrote.

Attack on the office of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner


Attack on the office of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (MARCOS BRINDICCI/)

The detainee to whom the minister referred is Oscar Ramon Santillan 54 years old, who was charged with arson and aggravated damage, and will be investigated. According to his Facebook profile, works as “administrator” of the Teresa Rodríguez Movement (MTR) since October 20, 2018. Another of the detainees, the Venezuelan Jaru Alexander Rodríguez Carrero, also belongs to the same group.

The seventh arrested and identified for having been the person who threw the Molotov cocktail against the uniformed men also had a social plan. According to research sources consulted by the NATION, jUlian Claudio Lazarte31 years old and of Argentine nationality, he was also a beneficiary of an official assistance program. The social plan was also withdrawn.

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