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The government is providing 540 million for the 200 euro check and expects 2.7 million people to benefit from it

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The government plans to allocate 540 million for the 200 euro aid to low-income workers, self-employed and unemployed included in the Royal Decree-Law approved this Saturday by the Council of Ministers and published this Sunday in the Official Gazette (BOE) .

The aid will consist of a single payment, which the executive branch estimates will benefit 2.7 million people.

In order to receive this allowance, the beneficiaries must live in households in which the total income of the partners in 2021 is less than 14,000 euros and whose assets less their usual place of residence do not exceed 43,196.40 euros.

The income and assets are calculated jointly, taking into account all persons who live with the beneficiary at the same address from January 1, 2022 “and are connected by marriage or a love affair corresponding to the marital relationship with at least two years in advance or by relationship until the
third degree, including relatives, with any of the above, as well as other persons with whom any of the above cohabits by virtue of guardianship for the purpose of adoption or permanent care”.

The beneficiaries must have legal and actual residence in Spain at the time of the entry into force of the Royal Decree-Law, which will be this Monday June 27th, and have had such residence continuously and continuously for at least the immediately preceding year.

Persons who already receive the minimum lifetime income or receive pensions from the general and special social security systems or from the state passive class system are excluded from this allowance.

For these groups, the Royal Decree-Law already provides for specific measures, such as the extension of the 15% increase in the minimum essential income or non-contributory pensions, which means annual increases of more than 200 euros. And in the case of contributory pensions, the state guarantees increases in line with inflation to ensure there is no loss of purchasing power.

The application for this aid in the amount of 200 euros must be submitted by September 30, 2022 using an electronic form to the electronic office of the State Tax Administration Office.

Source europapress.es

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