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The Good Fight Season 6: New images from the final season of the hit Paramount+ series



Jul 20, 2022 @ 1:37pm

The drama series The Good Fight returns to the Paramount+ streaming service for a final sixth season in fall 2022. Netzwelt has more plot information and shows you the first images after the trailer.

Christine Baranski is in "The good fight" Season 6 back!

Christine Baranski is back in The Good Fight season 6! (Source: tmdb.org)

  • Series creators Robert and Michelle King have announced that The Good Fight Season 6 will conclude the series.
  • The new episodes of the final season will air in September 2022 on Paramount+.
  • We will now tell you more about the exact plot and new images will give you a better look at the episodes to come.

The spin-off “The Good Fight” is no longer in the shadow of “The Good Wife”. The American streaming service Paramount+ did not miss the popularity of successful in-house productions and therefore extended the series for another season.

In fall 2022, however, the 6th season finale of the hit avocado series will be released. Now, for the first time, more plot details for the upcoming episodes and more photos after the trailer have been released. You can read all the other information about the start of the latest episodes below.

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The Good Fight season 6: start date

From the Paramount + streaming service, the 6th final season will be available from September 8, 2022 broadcast. It is not yet known when and where the new episodes will air in Germany.

The Good Fight Season 6: Trailer

To make it easier for you to wait for new episodes, an exclusive has also been created Trailer published. The 30-second video already heralds an epic season that could even see Reddick & Associates lawyers face an impending civil war.

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Additionally, the official Instagram account for “The Good Fight” has now shared some promising images. For one thing, here we see some photos of Diane in a striking red dress. She carries a sunflower in her hand and seems carefree, although a police barricade can be seen in the background.

Another photo shows Christine Baranski’s Diane with actor John Slattery in his role as Dr. Lyle Bettencourt. The two will likely have a deeper connection with each other in the coming season than usual between doctor and patient.

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The Good Fight Season 6: Storyline

In the next episodes, Diane returns from her vacation in Italy and discovers a completely changed city. Civil war conditions prevail in Chicago and this also influences the lawyers at Reddick & Associates.

According to the official description of the new episodes, Diane grapples with an “uncomfortable sense of deja vu, where everything from Roe v. Wade to suffrage to Cold War aggression returns.”

We will therefore have the chance to see a last season very in tune with the times and which takes up the current problems which affect American society. However, it’s not always easy and Diane in particular is increasingly struggling.

Finally, to face the harsh reality, Diane seeks the professional help of Dr. Lyle Bettencourt (John Slattery), who tries a somewhat unusual treatment with her. But what she also finds here is a man who understands her and shares her political views. Can Diane’s marriage survive this ordeal?

The Good Fight Season 6: Cast

What is certain is that Christine Baranski (“The Gilded Age”) will be back in the role of Diane Lockhart in season 6 of “The Good Fight”. Also Sarah Steele (“The Good Wife”) as Marissa Gold, Nyambi Nyambi (“Mike and Molly”) as Jay DiPersia. Michael Boatman (“Anger Management”) as Julius Cain, Audra McDonald (“Private Practice”) as Liz Reddick, Zach Grenier as David Lee, Charmaine Bingwa as Carmen Moyo and Mandy Patinkin as Hal Wagner.

Cush Jumbo (“Whoever Lies”) as Lucca Quinn and Delroy Lindo as Adrian Boseman will not return. Their stories ended in Season 5.

The series’ creators recently announced that John Slattery (“Mad Men,” “Desperate Housewives”) will play Lyle Bettencourt, a brilliant, cultured, and sensitive doctor. This one will help Diane through a crazy time (via Hollywood Reporter).

Andre Braugher (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) is also new to the cast, as reported by the American magazine Deadline. He will play attorney Ri’Chard Lane, who is thrust upon Liz as a new naming partner. Ri’Chard is a force of nature, “a wild blend of brilliance, genius, religion and joyous hedonism”.

Alan Cumming (“Schmigadoon!”) as Eli Gold from “The Good Wife” will also return. Eli wants to help his daughter Marissa (Sarah Steele) with her new career as a lawyer. This reports that American magazine TV Line.

The Good Fight: 5 alternatives to the Lawyer series
Series similar to “The Good Fight”

“The Good Fight” follows Diane Lockhart and her goddaughter Maia as they work as lawyers. Since Season 5 won’t be released until 2022, we have 5 alternatives to the drama series for you.

The Good Fight Season 6: Production

Series creators Robert and Michelle King have now announced that the upcoming sixth season of “The Good Fight” will also be the conclusion of the legal series. It is therefore planned no 7th season give more of “The Good Fight”.

in Interview with TV Line the couple explained that they finally decided to take this step because they were just “tired”. They also explained that the sixth season was a good conclusion to the series in terms of structure and that they wanted to draw a line at the right time in terms of quality standards.

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