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The Golden Globes return to television


MADRID, August 10th (CultureLeisure) –

After this Golden Globes 2022 will be delivered in one Closed door ceremony, everything points to it The awards return to television. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the show will air again on NBC in 2023.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association came under fire in 2021 when the Los Angeles Times revealed The organization included no black members, in addition to “unethical behavior and suspicious financial practices”. The controversy led to Cancellation of broadcast of the 2022 Golden Globes.

That’s what The Hollywood Reporter is now claiming In 2023, the ceremony can be seen on NBC, as “multiple sources” have told the publication. “The return of the Golden Globes to network television is one Victory for Todd Boehly, acting CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association since October 2021 and whose investment firm Eldridge Industries acquired the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and took command of Dick Clark Productions, producer of the Golden Globes.

After the controversy, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association held one series of reformsas the Banning members from accepting gifts and lifting restrictions on new member admissionsallowing him to add 21 new members, six of them black.

Despite the changes, the institution remains in the spotlight for its unethical practices. Eldridge Industries’ acquisition of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association signified this no longer a non-profit organization hence its members have started charging $75,000 a year. However, that is what The Hollywood Reporter claims Entertainment industry employees have softened their attitude towards the organizationsince televising the Golden Globes provides a financial boost to many of his Oscar-winning projects and candidates.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has formed in recent weeks Advisory Board composed of advertisers wishing to re-establish relations with the institutionat the same time they released a report with their future plans, which include “increasing diversity, transparency and accountability”.


Source europapress.es

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